The Wonderful World of Blog Commenting on elie palima dot com

I’m surprised and feeling a little sad… who wouldn’t be??? even if my blog receives 300+ Visitors daily, There seems to be very little percent of visitors Participating on the blog. :-(

you Do not post Comments on the blog!


Why Won’t you take advantage of The Wonderful world of BLOG COMMENTING???

especially on…

Why post a comment on elie palima’s blog

1. Top Commentators of the week Widget – just re-installed it again last month, but it Should also encourage more commentators since the “links” will be placed on the home page and will be included as a link from all of my post. which means, Link juice for your website…

and since nobody has the guts to comment, it’s really easy to Get listed on my “top commentators list”

2. Comment Lurve Plugin – just today, I’ve install this plugin on my blog to encourage more of you to comment. This one is really useful since it’ll automatically gives you, the commenter an instant backlink to your most latest post and will help you to rank well on the SERP (search engine ranking position).

3. Be seen By Thousands of visitors monthly – if you have a very interesting comment, and get listed on my top commentators list located on the blog’s sidebar, then there is a big chance that my blog would give you a boost in traffic.

4. My Blog’s homepage is a PR 3 – Which means, LINK JUICE FOR YOU, plus I ‘m expecting to get a much higher page rank within 2 months time.

More link juice will be given to you when you Reach the “top commentators” (which again, I said… very easy to get listed since nobody has the guts to comment) :)

5. Very Accommodating, Friendly + handsome Administrator :D – C’mon guys, The picture don’t lie!! LOL

The Advantages of blog-Commenting

blog commenting can give you a lot of advantages. it’s one of my Favorite marketing strategy.

if you spend time on commenting or you have a certain “schedule” on commenting (I personally comment on different blogs and spend 2 hours doing it 2-4 times a week) then, you’ll be surprised by the great results it can give specially if you are into internet marketing and building traffic to your site.

blog – Commenting:

Gives you traffic to your site – while it may not give you 1,000 visitors per day, it helps.

Instant Backlink for you – Like my blog, which has a “top commentator plugin” and “comment lurve plugin” this gives you a good reward since backlinks “do-follow backlinks” plays a huge part on link building and SEO.

Helps you get noticed by the big blogs (small ones, much better) – if you comment regularly on other blogs, then it’s a sign that you are building relationship with the website.

Why does nobody Comment on my blog – The “theory”

  1. My visitors has No More Stuffs to share since I said it all
  2. My Visitors Don’t know How to Post a Comment on my blog
  3. I Create Crappy Post that’s not Worth commenting
  4. None of my visitors are bloggers / internet marketers???
  5. The Visitor is Shy And Wants to hide From me
  6. I’m Not encouraging comments enough

if you happen to know how to increase a comment on a blog share them below… or if there is a Great guide on how to increase blog comments… Please let me know also, LOL. I’ll thank you! ;)


  1. Hah! Probably everyone’s just a bit shy.

    Commenting’s definitely one of the hardest things to get people to do. On blog I’ve written for I’ve always gotten the most comments on controversial posts, and then all the comments are angry. But better than nothing I suppose.

    But it definitely works! In fact, I just found your blog a few minutes ago by following your comment from John Chow’s blog, so there you go. Commenting works!

    (if only I had a website up and running to give a link for)

  2. hey marek, That’s cool. thanks for visiting the blog. :)
    thanks for the comment LOL…

    nwei, isn’t your site???

    Just checked your email :)

    I think you’re right… I should also focus on visiting other blogger’s blogs then comment on their post, That way They would come and visit me and leave a comment!!! :twisted:

  3. Well, you just have additional comment today :). I just happen to dropped by to your blog when I searched for the key phrase “getting verified on paypal using smart money”. Thanks for posting that btw, I will still have to do you’ve written there.

  4. hey, thanks ian. I hope you come here often too.. lols.

    nice blog btw! top 3 on the music category? taht’s so cool!!! =D

    anyway, about the smart money guide, I’m glad it had some use to you. ;)

  5. Thanks for dropping by to my blog too. I don’t actually know what 3 music category you’re saying I’m on top 3. lol

    Anyway, your post was helpful indeed but unfortunately my Smart Money and 343 number of Smart is not working I guess. Maybe in the next few days I will try it again. Btw, I commented the said post.

  6. Sorry, my mistake. sa pala sinasabi mo hehe..

  7. u2, favorite directory ko un. hehe. =D

  8. The Salad Project says:

    The top commentators plugin should definitely get you some comments in your blog!

  9. You are right my friend.

  10. I think blog commenting is a good way to learn from each other. I like this way, for I can get backlinks and get some good idea, effective tips, strategies, etc. And I also use free fast blog finder to find more relevant blogs to comment on.

  11. You have a couple of comments already. But having 300 visitors a day and hardly someone comments? This is strange. The best way is to visit other blogs and comment on other blogs. In this way you invite other people to visit your site and if they like your content they will leave a comment.

    • Hello Ion, My traffic has dropped since I’ve settled down for a while from blogging. I’m still receiving comments though, Anyways Thanks for your advice I’ll be sure to follow it.

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