How To Make a Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Blog – a Simple & Easy Way!

I’ve been busy today. Actually, I’ve been busy almost all year due to money-making reasons. but nothing has kept me busier than ever other than my new android phone. I got so much addicted to it there are also times where I would stay up all night just by playing angry birds, cut the rope and you know, all those fun apps that could be downloaded at the marketplace. =D

Before, I always use my PC to do all stuffs on the web. but now, almost 90% of the time,

  1. I surf the web using my android phone
  2. I watch YouTube videos using my android phone
  3. I do Facebook, twitter and all those social media stuffs using my android phone
  4. I read/send emails using my android phone

The list goes on but as you can see, I love my android phone. I loved the smart phone so much I decided to make a mobile version of my site so that users who are browsing my site using a mobile phone would be conveniently viewing my posts. :)

please note that I’ve not made this site’s mobile version available when using an iPad or any tablet PC. The quick answer to that is related to SEO. (I’ll be talking more about this on a later post) but I am looking forward in making it available once I’ve done proper research.

Below are screenshots on how my site look when viewed on your smart phone (android, iPhone, blackberry.):

if you are using the default wordpress theme, then your site already has a mobile version pre-installed. however, if you’re using a different theme like i do, you may need to do something before you can get a mobile version of your site.

Why You Should Have a Mobile Version of your website

it looks good

Just my opinion. But when I take a deeper look, having a mobile version is actually better than having the ‘PC’ version as a display (in mobile ofcourse! :D And, Visitors get to read the content a lot better which is a big plus

it loads the page faster

as a webmaster, speed is an important factor when it comes to maintaining a stable website. Having a mobile version of your website will not only make it look good; it will make your site load faster and makes browsing smoother for visitors.

There is Money in Mobile Marketing

this is probably the best reason on why you should get a mobile website and probably a developed app. according to Wikipedia, there are over 6.9 Billion people in the world and it is said that 5.6 billion of them are using mobile phones. if we do a little math, that is over 75%+ people on the world who is using a mobile phone. (this number is 4-6 times bigger than the number of Email and Facebook users)

if you would be making $1 from .01% of that market, we are talking about $6,900,000 Million Worth of income coming from mobile alone. although this article is a cool topic to talk about, This article will not cover ways on how to make money with mobile marketing.  however, I will be posting something about this on a future blog post.

For now, let’s focus on how you can Make a mobile version of your WordPress blog! =D

How To Make A Mobile Version of WordPress

first, you must have a self hosted WordPress website then, install the plugin, WPtouch. installing a plugin in WordPress is easy. just login to your dashboard, go to plugins then click “add new” after that, just go search for “wptoch” and once you see it, go straight ahead and install and activate it.

wptouch pro review

Once you have activated this plugin, you can simply visit your WordPress site and see the mobile version of it. and that’s as easy as that! :D

Make A Mobile Version of WordPress Using Wptouch

WPtouch is a WordPress plugin to add powerful, easy-to-use themes for mobile + tablet visitors. It’s also a theming framework. (Which is good news for Website developers. And those that are developer-wannabe… like! :D) It works by detecting devices like iPhones, iPads, Android & and more, serving its optimized themes instead of your regular desktop theme. the mobile on/off function in the footer gives the Visitors a chance to always switch back if they choose.

you can even place Google adsense ads and google analytics (or any other tracking software) easily on your mobile site using this plugin:

WPtouch also comes with a Paid version. This version is what I use on my site to add extra-branding functionality and get premium support from Brave new codes (the guys who made the plugin).

if you tried wptouch and want to some extra functionality, then I recommend you checking out Wptouch pro. the premium version of this plugin and compare them.

Click here to learn more about WPtouch ProTM

Downsides/cons in going Mobile

How To SEO a mobile site is still unknown

so far, this is the only thing that has bothered me before creating a mobile version of my site. We haven’t heard much from Google with regards to mobile SEO or on how this can affect our website’s Search engine rankings. what I do know is, as long as you redirect your site properly (like what wptouch plugin does) and set the canonical url of your website, you’ll be safe. once I get more info regarding this, I’ll let you know.

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