Free WordPress Installation and Logo Design Service

Many people would often Plan to start a blog and would never go further other than planning to just do it.

One of the most common complaint from potential new bloggers today is the fact that they don’t know how to install WordPress. Terms like FTP and CPanel are like a foreign language to them and setting up a database might as well be setting up the space shuttle for a launch.

These are the most common barrier that would be bloggers are experiencing today. if you’re one of them, then you’ll be happy to know that I am running a Free WordPress installation Service. :-D

My Free WordPress Installation Service

it’s really simple. I will Create a WordPress website for you at no cost. initially, this installation would get your blog ready to go since I’ll be installing the following plugins:

  • 1. Top Contributors
  • 2. Google Sitemap (Search engine and Reader friendly versions)
  • 3. All in one SEO
  • 4. WordPress Stats

if you like to install more plugins to the blog, just tell me. I’ll install them for you at no cost anytime.

1. The Top Contributors Plugin is a plugin that helps to encourage your readers to comment on your blog posts. Don’t misidentify this plugin as the usual ‘top commenters’ plugin. this plugin Actually encourages your blog readers to Comment more on your blog since their avatar will be shown too. plus, it has WAY more features than the regular top commentator plugin. (see the plugin in action on my blog’s sidebar)

2. Site maps helps search engines index your site more quickly which gives you an added boost to the search engines like google. You should also keep in mind that Readers visits your site too and you should think about your blog visitors first before Google. on that note, I will also Make a Sitemap for you that’s not only made for search engines but Reader friendly as well.

3. All in one SEO is the #1 SEO plugin that webmasters use for their site. it makes wordpress blogs rank higher on search engines. in addition to this plugin, I will also make your site’s url search engine friendly by editing the wp permalinks.

4. WordPress stats this plugin will give you a quick full summary of the Traffic that your website is getting.

these are some of the best wordpress plugins available and they are all included on the wordpress installation service.

How To Get the WordPress Installation Service

this program is being sponsored by Hostgator. they are the ones who are hosting all my websites and the best web host around. they are also the one who’s paying me to do all these.

To get the Service, All you’ll have to do is Order a web hosting plan at hostgator then forward the login information that Hostgator will be sending you at admin[at] or you can also copy and paste the login details on my blog’s Contact form using the subject line “WordPress installation service.” I will then install WordPress on your site and contact you once the installation has been completed.

Click here To Get Hostgator webhosting

I’ll also send you instructions on how to change all your login passwords so there will be no way for me (or any hacker of sorts) to access your account(s) after the installation has been completed. Once everything’s been done, I will still provide you with full time 24/7 support to any questions you might have regarding wordpress or hostgator.

wordpress installation serviceWebhosting on hostgator starts for as low as $4.95 per month and as a guy who’s tried out lots of different web hosts, I can say that Quality web hosting has never been so much affordable. to give you a more better deal than this, I’ll make the price even more affordable to you. When you decide to order a Hosting plan at hostgator, Enter the Coupon code “ELIEPALIMA” or “ELIEisCOOL” to get your first month for only $0.01 cents.

(note: personally, I use the ‘baby plan’ since I’m able to host unlimited domains in it and it’s the hosting plan I recommend you get. however, it’s still up to you what plan you would like to order. The Hatchling plan still works as good as the baby plan but The only difference is, you only get to host one website with it.)

By the way, when you order any of the plans above, Hostgator will give you a $100 worth of Google Adwords credit that you can use to promote your new site. you won’t find this deal on any hosting providers out there!

All in all, you’ll be spending 1 cent, you get $100 worth of adwords credit and a Quality WordPress installation service from me – totally free of charge.

Note: This WordPress installation Service is Available for *NEW* Hostgator Customers only.

Customized Logo Design Professionally Done for you – For Free!

in addition to your new wordpress blog, you might want to add a professional logo in it. Logos adds branding and personality to a website and you can easily make one using a software like adobe Photoshop. however, if you’re like me (who doesn’t have the artistic skills) creating a logo for your site might feel a lot like a chore.

with that said, in addition to my wordpress installation service, I will also get my graphic designer do a logo for your new website – totally free of charge. if you would pay someone to do all these, it would ultimately cost you about $500.  the adobe software alone costs $999 to start with. ;)

How to Get the Logo Design Service

the logo Design Service is a seperate program and Sponsored by The Ultimate Blogging Theme. it’s the Theme I’m using and They are the ones who are paying my designer to make the logo. to get the service, All you’ll have to do is Purchase the ultimate blogging theme through these links and forward the receipt to admin[at] or copy and paste the receipt at my blog’s contact form with the subject line: “logo creation service”

because Ultimate Blogging Theme is Running under clickbank’s marketplace and there’s a clickbank 60 day Money back Rule, you’ll have to wait 60 days before we could release your new logo. (sad, I know… but this is really necessary in order to verify that you really did made a Genuine purchase.)

The short explanation is: The Logo Design Service is only Available for those who signed up under this Affiliate link,  Didn’t ask for a Refund and is willing to wait for 60 days.

Purchase the ultimate blogging theme today and get the free logo design!

After 60 days of your purchase though, we’ll finally start creating your new logo and here’s what we’ll be doing after those 60 days are up:

  1. Send you a Form asking you different details that will be needed to create your new logo
  2. work on designing your new logo for 3-15 business days
  3. give you 3 different concepts to choose from
  4. and give you unlimited revisions till we get your desired logo.

The Logo you’ll be getting will come in around more than 10 different web formats and I can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Ultimate blogging theme For WordPress

The Ultimate blogging theme is probably the most user friendly theme out there. you can fully change the design that you want by literally 3 clicks of the mouse button. not to mention, it’s very search engine friendly. the creator of the theme (and many other websites) are ranking high on the search engines from very competitive search terms with the help of this theme. I’m also proud to say that YOU DON’T NEED the all in one SEO plugin any more when you’re already using this. The ultimate Blogging theme is a kind of theme that I can call ‘out of the box SEO’

btw, you’ll also receive the following bonuses when you buy the theme:

  1. How To sell Advertising Space on your blog *anytime* even if you don’t have traffic yet (ebook)
  2. Video tutorials and strategies to get backlinks from a guy who dominated the search engines for the dreaded keyword “make money online”
  3. Kidblogger’s Unusual Dozen (PDF Report) – 12 Tips You Did Not Know (Probably) On Generating Traffic
  4. Churn Out Minisites, Squeeze Pages And Salesletters In A Snap With Direct Response Templates (useful for creating landing pages)

All in all, you’ll have a good theme running with your site and you’ll also get a Professional logo to go with it! it’s certainly a great deal you don’t want to miss.

note: The Logo Design Service is Available for new Ultimate blogging theme Customers only.

Start a Blog Today

One of the main goal of this site is to help you break some of the most Common barriers of starting a blog. The Services Mentioned here are all ideal to help you do just that. if you’re ready to start blogging today and I mean RIGHT NOW then please head over to hostgator and choose your hosting plan.

if you’re ready to take things to the next level though, Then you should also get a Cool new look and feel to your site. Let The Ultimate Blogging Theme and my Logo design Service help you with that. or best, DO BOTH

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