What is Fiverr And How You Can Make Money Online With it

The video below explains what Fiverr is in one minute and 39 seconds and how you can make money online using it.

What is Fiverr?

Besides the fact that fiverr is a way to make money online and is close to getting a job online, In a nutshell, fiverr is 2 things:

  1. Fiverr is a place where you can get hired and paid to do something for $5
  2. A place where you can hire and pay people to do things for $5
What is fiverr? (fiverr logo)

Fiverr logo – What is fiverr?

To give you a good idea on how you can make money using fiverr, here are some examples of “gigs” that you can find on that site:

I will let my dog Ozzy draw you a picture, hold a sign, or promote your business for $5

I will record a short video as Jesus for $5

I will create a promotional video testimonial for your company, weight loss product or mlm that will close… for $5

How Do You Get Paid on Fiverr?

Once you’ve successfully delivered the client’s order, you get credited on your fiverr account after 3 days (or less. depending on how early the client “approves” the order. if he doesn’t approve within 3 days, it will get automatically approved by fiverr.)

After a client approves the order, you’ll still have to wait for 14 days before you can withdraw the money you made through your paypal account. Fiverr primarily set this up to avoid fraudulent activities, paypal disputes that may occur & other issues with the order.

after 14 days is over though, you’ll get the option to withraw your money via paypal.

Some more notes regarding fiverr payments:

  • – Fiverr gets a $1.08 commission for each $5 sale you make. :( I know, it sucks. but that’s ok. they use that money to keep the site running. :)
  • – all in all, you get $3.92 per each fiverr sale you make.
  • you can read more about fiverr frequently asked questions on this page

How To Make Lots of Money on Fiverr

Step#1 work on what you’re offering.

first of all, you should work on your offer.

if your offer is bad, no one would be interested to order from you. I recommend you check the services of people who’s having lots of orders. from there, you can get ton of ideas.

Step#2 Take advantage of Videos

Fiverr lets you post a video about your services. Videos are a great way to reach out to people. it will give you more sales and your gig will convert more if you put a video in there.

you should definitely include samples of your work through the video. if you have something to flaunt, flaunt it all.

Step#3 Enjoy what you’re doing

it would be pointless if you’re not. for everything that you do, to be successful you got to love what you’re doing, Believe in your offer prety soon you’ll find success with fiverr.

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  1. Pat Gunning says:

    You wrote great advice! However, many freelancers want to sell higher priced skills, services and products, exposing the flaws of the Fiverr business model. New sites like NetTradR.com are providing options for these marketers.

    • what makes fiverr different from the resource you gave is the fact that you can get any service you want for a very cheap price – $5….

      for me personnally, I will choose fiverr over nettradr anytime. if I want to get a higher priced service, I would rather go to Odesk, Freelancer or eLance.

  2. Michael Haduch says:

    Few days ago, I opened a Fiverr acount. To test it, i ask my son to buy my product. A PDF file to know in real time everything about Las Vegas, using a computer connected to Internet. Just one click, and hundred of information at your finger prints and in front of your eye, in REAL TIME.
    The purchase was made on September 20, 2012. Today September 22 I did not get any credit on my PayPal account. They will pay you only $4 from your sell. They will charge you 20% from your sell.
    After few investigation into Fiverr account (very hiden) I could find out that on October 4, the $4, will available into my PayPal account, therefore after 15 days and not 48 hours. Maybe there is an explanation.
    My GIG in Fiverr is:http://fiverr.com/romania1969/help-you-with-your-trip-to-las-vegas-just-one-pdf-file-to-install-into-your-pen-drive-connected-to-any-computer-with-internet-access

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