The Ultimate Life Goal: Where Are You Currently?

This post is originally from my ebook that is still untitled and unfinished. I also included this on my odesk profile. it is about the Ultimate life goal.

What is The Ultimate Life Goal?

The Ultimate Life Goal is what every person in this world is dreaming of getting. It is about having all the Freedom that very few people achieve during their lifetime.

The Freedoms that I am talking about are as follow:

  • Time
  • Money
  • And Location Freedom

If you happen to get all three at the same time, then you completed The Ultimate Life Goal.

Knowing Where You Are

Determining where you are is just as important as taking action in achieving the ultimate life goal. On a time and money stand point; there are basically 4 types of people in the world. And they are:

1. People who has lots of time but has no money

This mostly apply to people who has nothing to do, who is jobless or lazy. I believe “Standbys” are what they are referred to demographically. Most of these people lives with their parents and ask them for money to make a living.

They spend their free time doing useless things. Some examples:

  1. facebook-ing their friends for hours
  2. Play Video Games all day
  3. Hang out with friends all day doing nothing

All in all, these are the people who have all the time they need to become successful but are being unproductive.

2. Those who has money but do not have enough time

They are the “business guys”, executives, “star employees” in their company. People who always fail to attend to their family’s beach-outing because they have “the big boss” to attend to. They have to keep the boss happy. else, they will lose their job.

3. Those who both have no money and no time

This basically applies to people who work all day but the money they are making is still not enough no matter how hard they work. They are the ones who mop the floors and clean the toilets at the office.

The same goes to most students. Not that I am against studying, but all those school stuff is consuming most of your time and the only money you are getting is the allowance that your parents give you.

4. Those who has lots of Money and Has All the Time

He is “The Boss” he makes his money work for him. No matter wherever he is in the world, he’s still making money. Even when he sleeps, play video games or hangout with his friends – he still makes money. He got all the time, the money and location freedom.

Where are you currently? Who do you want to be? I do not want to sound bias but it is obvious that number 4 is the most ideal choice. And that is where Making Money Online goes in the picture.

Making Money Online

When you are making money online, you are opening the doors to freedom/The Ultimate Life Goal. You are your own boss, you do not have to work more than 3 hours a day and you get to make money wherever you are in the world. Even while you’re asleep; you make money.

This is the power of making money online. Something that I had been talking about on this blog for 3 years and will be talking about it more on my book, which is untitled yet. :-)


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