Top 30 Money Making Blogs in the World

this list is originally posted by Michael Dunlop of

I find it very useful and hopefully it’ll inspire you to start a blog now and at the same time, know how powerful blogging can really be and what Great benefits it could give to an individual.

Michael made an extraordinary list and the thing I liked about it is that he included the names of the blog owner, the actual monthly earnings that blogger makes and the biggest “source” of the blogger’s income.

According to Him, “its not just the monthly income that rocks but when you want to sell out you can make a huge amount of money! Like 22 year old Johns Wu who sold his blog for $15 Million dollars.”

if you’re new to blogging and really serious about making money from your blog, then you should also checkout the blogs that are already making money. find out what they are doing, why and how they do it. I think it’s one of the best way to start.

take note that the table below is not 100% accurate and are mere estimations only of how much money these blogs are making each month.

The Top 30 Money Making Blogs in the world

Rank Website Owner Monthly
Main income
1 Techcrunch Michael Arrington $200,000 Advertising Banners
2 Mashable Pete Cashmore $180,000 Advertising Banners
3 Timothy Sykes Tymothy Sykes $150,000 Affiliate Sales
4 Perez Hilton Mario Lavandeira $140,000 Advertising Banners
5 Gothamist Jake Dobkin $80,000 Pay Per Click
6 Venture Beat Matt Marshall $62,000 Pay Per Click
7 Slash Gear Ewdison then $60,000 Pay Per Click
8 Life Hacker Nick Denton $60,000 Advertising Banners
9 Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman $58,500 Advertising Banners
10 Tuts Plus Collis taeed $55,000 Advertising Banners
11 Dooce Heather B. Armstrong $50,000 Pay Per Click
12 Steve Pavlina Steve Pavlina $45,000 Pay Per Click
13 TPM Josh Marshall $45,000 Pay Per Click
14 Car Advice Alborz Falah $42,000 Advertising Banners
15 Problogger Darren Rowse $40,000 Advertising Banners
16 JohnChow John Chow $35,000 Affiliate Sales
17 kotaku Nick Denton $32,000 Advertising Banners
18 Shoemoney Jeremy Schoemaker $30,000 Private Advertising
19 Coolest Gadgets Allan Carlton $30,000 Advertising Banners
20 JoyStig AOL $18,000 CPM Advertising
21 PC Mech David Risley $16,000 Affiliate sales
22 Free Lance Switch Collis Taeed $13,000 Membership Area
23 Abduzeedo Fabio Sasso $11,000 Advertising Banners
24 Sizlopedia Saad Amid $9,000 Pay Per Click
25 Retireat21 Michael Dunlop $5,000 Affiliate Sales
26 Noupe Noupe $4,930 Advertising Banners
27 Uber Affiliate Paul Bourque $4,500 Second Tear Affiliates
28 Click For Nick Nick Skeba $3,900 Pay Per Click
29 Tyler Cruz Tyler Cruz $3,200 Advertising banners
30 Just Creative Design Jacob Cass $3,000 Services


  1. Wow, it’s amazing to see sites like John Chow and Shoemoney so high up on the list! These guys are good examples of how powerful internet marketing can be.

    Should we expect to see Elie Palima on this list soon? :)

  2. The Salad Project says:

    I am quite surprised Tyler Cruz made it to the list. I though Shoemoney made more, but 30 grand is not bad at all. He is hitting 360,000 a year.

  3. Wow! what an amazing lists. I hope I could also earn that great amount of money from their blogs.

    By the way, this is my first visit on this site and I feel it’s great. I also read your about me page and visited your first blog.

    Your novel is so funny. I also commented your post there. So please check it out!

    I hope we can be good friends.

    Felix Albutra – Real Blogging Advice dot com

    • hey Felix,

      thank you for taking your time on reading my award winning novel. LOL

      nwei, about your comment, nope. I didn’t receive any. ;P

  4. Someday I’d get myself there. ;-) lols..

  5. Good list my friend. By the way, I noticed that your site gave me some referral traffic. Thanks for sharing it.

    You know, when I open your site, I always think about the novel that you wrote in your friendster blog. Because it was really funny. I am impress of your creativity.

    But anyway, thanks for the list and I hope we can be good friends.

  6. Great list. I’m surprised that site number 30 is only making $3,000 per month, don’t get me wrong it’s good money, but I would have expected that there are a lot more than 30 blogs making $3K + per month.

  7. How come Engadget and Boingboing are not on the list?

  8. Thank you so much for the list. It helps a lot. And also i know one thing that will help you get moneymaking fast. Try this one.

    Admin edit: please don’t make my blog’s comment form an advertising spot. :-)

  9. WOW! This is a very good list. I have known a few of this sites but I have never really seen the digits on what they make. It is really interesting! Also please allow me to share an experience I have Over the last four months I have been learning from an Aussie guy named Timothy Marc on how to build a business that allows you to live a freedom lifestyle. Without a doubt, I have learned some amazing skills in business from this guy, and I am currently seeing some great profits from my own business. 
    I know this post may raise scepticism with some of you, but if this does sound interesting to you, here is a link to my success story on is blog: and be sure check out his free audio if you like his vibe.  Ask a question on the blog too and I will help you any way I can. 
    Cheers, Tim. 

  10. That blog experience was so nice! Imagine, only a blog you can make money of it and the benefit is that the people who are buying blogs can lear many things from it and its worth it to spend money for that. Making money is good but if you love money then it is not good at all. Good day!


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