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Email marketing is one of your best online advertising options, so don’t put off email marketing because you don’t have a list of addresses. Although most agree that building your own email list is the best way to go, gathering enough addresses to be worth sending an email can take many months. So, until your list is to where you want it to be, try buying or renting a list using some of the tips below

Make sure you know what you are getting.

Know that CPM equals costs per thousand. So if the CPM is $70, then you will pay $140 for two thousand emails.

Also, know that you should be able to specify the criteria for your targeted audience. With a good broker, you can specify people who have clicked on an email from this broker, how much money they make a year, and what kind of shopping habits they have.

Finally, you need to find out if your broker is charging you for the email addresses only, or the broker will also send out the email that you create, or if your broker will create an email and send it out. Be sure to find out all of these details before you pay.

If your email list seems too cheap, it is.

You may have found an email broker who offers ridiculously low prices. The prices are low because the quality of the lists are low. The best thing you can hope for is a list filled with dead or made up emails. The worst thing that can happen is that you get stuck in a spam trap. You may even receive legal action taken against you.

For renting B2B lists, try InfoUSA.

These guys have been around for quite some time and have a reputation for quality lists. Just know that, unfortunately, when you rent any list from an honest email broker, you will not have access to the actual email address. The email broker will send out your email to the targeted audience that you specify.

Test a portion of the list.

You can buy or rent a percentage of the list to see if it turns out to be good. Test as little as 5% for an accurate estimate.

Negotiate with your broker.

Know that 10% of your emails will be dead. Mention this in negotiations and see if you can get a reduced price based on this information. If you cannot get a reduced price, you should talk to them about giving you added value another way, perhaps throwing 15% more emails for the same price. Most brokers will cut you a deal if you ask.

Tell your recipients about your broker.

In your email content, let your recipients know that you got their email address from the broker. If your recipient recognizes the third party from whom you got their address, they will be less likely to spam you before reading your email.
When buying email lists, you should be aware of your options and how the industry works. There are many people who will sell you a false or tainted list. Know what to look for and how to buy email lists so that your business profits from rather than is harmed by email marketing.

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