1. “after downloading the software he asked for my password and email address, I gave it to him.”

    I am lost here. Do you mean you give away your paypal password?

    Anyway, it is a big mistake to give away any of your password for whatever reason.

  2. Hi casey, and thanks for the comment.. :) nwei, Yes, I gave him my password, But what happened is.. After downloading the so called “software”.. I opened it, Then a Software window appears, (his own customized browser) then on that “software” You’ll be asked about Your paypal Login information, you have to type it in some kind of form provided in that “software” to log-in to paypal and actually Hack paypal money.. which is of course a Real scam,.
    I was led to actually believe it by that time simply because of the positive comments and the “near perfect” rating he have.. I then soon find out that all mostly that commented on that video were either his friends, or another account that he made..
    and for the rest of us that were scammed.. our comments were deleted to protect the video and scam more people..
    I actually made this post because I can’t see anybody making an action about this,. I want to tell the world about this Valuable lesson I learned,.
    and yeah, I got really careless and STUPID to give my password away,. and I can’t believe it myself,.
    I just thank god that he only Stole $9 from me,. lols.. he could have gotten my $500 in there.. :D well, He got a chance,. too bad for him,. nwei, I forgive him now,. I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else..

  3. Yep, thank god that he only stole $9 from you. The whole situation could be worst. He could have used your money to purchase a lot more digital products from many small online businesses. He gets the products > you file dispute > paypal freezes the money > you get back your money > the owner suffer a lost and you lost your credibility.

  4. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  5. hi polprav, yeah sure! it’s going to be a big help if you spread the word..

  6. Hi! i’m from brasil, thx for this… Nice post! u saved my life and my cash… thx again!

  7. no problem dude.. ;)

  8. ghostboy says:

    Nice post,hmmm.. i also downloaded it past 2 days,its not working but my cash only$3.90 inside,hahaha~ i think tht’s why he didn’t stole it from me,anyway,i’m gonna chge my password,(sumtimes i feel like stupid wanna hack but been hacked) XD simply gveout your account and password to be a hacker in the same time u actually hacked by hacker.. great experience frenz

  9. to stop people from hacking into your account just do what i do…. u can get a security key… i now have a security key tolog in with, and it chnages everytime i log in, also the best part is, its a code that gets sent to my mobile phone. Check under your profile page, and in the first coloum look down and you will see security key, click on that and you can set up higher security. I think its under your account settings or account information. This has worked for me… so far according to paypal i have had at least 4 people all from different countries try hack into my account, but they cant cos they know that they need a security key hahaha!

  10. hey, thanks for the tips rossie. .I’ll do that. ;-)

    this is the first time I’ve heard about the security key

  11. I have experienced this kind of strategy before -.- Good news is that it’s not “real” or “cold hard cash” which was stolen or as we call it, “hacked” from me. Probably just was some pointless virtual money . You know, kids these days ^_^ Anyway, didn’t want that to happen to me anymore so I don’t really trust anyone else except for close friends and God. and only people interested in earning money online ;-)

    Hope this helped.
    Hope you earn a lot.
    Take care and God Bless :D

  12. Hi, Elie. Do you mind if I feature this one in my site? :-)

    It would be really helpful for all my readers.

    Thanks a lot :-)

    I’m actually going to feature it using “Featured Links”. No worries, there are no charges involved :-)

    Sincerely yours,
    Jaja Masorong

  13. Oh. But how can you think of entering password on 3rd party software that too some unreputated brands softwares.


  15. I saw that video. You would have to be an idiot to think that would work. He types in notepad, after he runs his supposed hack, that he already refreshed the page. But he obviously did not or else you would have seen him do it. He just had a pre-made phony paypal page that said $300. I can’t believe someone would be so stupid. Not too mention dude can’t type or spell. He probably spent years correcting syntax errors.
    If you are dumb enough to fall for that crap, I have some checks I need you to cash for me. Seriously never give out info like that.

    • lol dude. I know what you mean. and I was a total noob at the time. I wanted to “test out everything” but now everything’s over and I already forgotten about the incident. thanks for the advice though.


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