List building: How To Make Money with an email List

The Best but unknown way to Make Money Online is by building an email list.

there are times that I would visit different internet marketing forums. through these forums I would find different threads started by Newbie bloggers looking for ways to make money from their blog.

Usually, I would often tell them something about List building. what’s surprising though is they don’t know what list building is and more often than not,  they wouldn’t know what an “autoresponder” is. and that’s basically one of the many reasons why I decided to write this post.

list building is the best way to monetize a blog. it’s a  form of internet marketing and just like blogging, it’s one of the Best marketing tool that every successful internet marketers use to make Money online. Let’s take a look at some of the Big Blogs for example.

When you go over to blogs like or you will be amazed at the number of advertising spots that are sold on their blogs alone. you may know Shoemoney because of his $130,000 google adsense check and John chow from his blog’s income reports. but What many people don’t know is –  these guys Makes more money From their blog’s email list.

How do I  Build an email list?

There are many methods to build an email list. but I will not talk about them right now. (I’ll talk about it on another post) but for the purpose of basic introduction, you can easily start building an email list with the help of email softwares like aweber. aweber‘s software is browser based. this means you do not need to install anything on your computer to start. another good news is the software is very affordable. for only $1, you can now start your list building campaign.

after purchasing an account, they would give you a simple Javascript which you can easily install on your blog. this code is called an opt-in code. and it’s used to install an Opt-in form which you will often see on many blogs (including mine)

How do I make money by list building?

the key to making money online specifically from a blog is to Drive a lot of traffic and then maximizing the income from that traffic. The Best way to do that is by building an email list. if you get people to sign up on your blog’s opt-in form you now have the chance to email them any time you want. this means you have the chance to:

  1. Promote affiliate products to your list
  2. Tell them about a product that you sell
  3. Make them return to your blog which will give you more traffic and more sales
  4. if you’re creative, there are many more that you could do.

of course, you won’t make money if there’s only 10 people in your list. ideally, I would say 500 people is a good amount to make a few bucks.  and if you have a low traffic blog, then chances are you won’t get people to sign up. but there’s a good technique for this which I will talk about on another blog post.

to give you a more clearer view on how Making money by list building works, take a look at the image below.

  1. Visitors visit your website. (this could be a blog, squeeze page or any place that you could install an opt-in form
  2. Visitor will then sign up on your opt in form
  3. He becomes part of your email list
  4. You send him an email about your product or a service that you’re affiliated with.
  5. you make money every time you make a sale

I would always recommend that you build your list right from the start rather than later. since you would totally waste your blog’s traffic and not to mention – your blog’s potential income by doing that. for a quick start, I recommend you get an aweber account for $1 to start list building yourself. and if list building doesn’t work out for you, you can ask aweber for a refund and get your $1 back. ;-)


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