The Abundance of Make Money Scams

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If you think that you can be one of the few that make money online, beware of all of the programs and free ebooks that promise you the secrets to making money online that no one else wants you to know about.

Most of the time, they are only empty promises meant to steal your money. They take advantage of people in financial need and because of the difficulty of finding jobs, people are only more desperate and more likely to throw their money away at an easy solution. Don’t be tempted! If you don’t want to become a victim, you should learn to avoid these common scams.

Although scams are extremely common, there are also legit methods as well. However, they’re a bit hard to find. Once you find a method to make money online, the more you share it, the more it loses its value. The good news however is even if you found the method, no one would care.

people would either be too lazy to put it into action or there would be too much information in the internet to tell which was true and which isn’t. In order to tell which is which, you have to check to see if they want money upfront. And the information should be out there, and no confusing or shady information. If they say that they have an “easy” solution then it’s a scam. Making money online is possible, but not easy. If they won’t tell you about their product before they get paid, it’s a scam.

Most of the time, when you see a deal that looks retardedly good, avoid it like the plague. Scammers love to confuse you and tend to your desires. They want your money and they’ll say anything to get it. Look for reviews about their product on google, you can usually tell right off if it’s a scam or not. Don’t listen to the testimonials on their sales page either, it’s fake. Once you find out who a scammer is, warn other people. You may not think that it’s important but who knows? It may even happen to someone you know. How would you feel if your parents got scammed and you could have prevented it?

So find out more about the company before you spend any of your money. If they exist, they’ll be on google. And there will always be scam reports and reviews. Make any review at all about the company, and they’ll tell you about what they actually promise. Beware of testimonials, just ignore any and get an honest review from someone. Heck, give their product a test run, as long as you don’t have to give them any money yet. What? They won’t let you try their product? Not even a sample? Instant-scam. If their product was any good, they would give you SOMETHING. At least try harder to persuade me to take my money. I’m ashamed to admit it but I’ve already been scammed many times. I was desperate, I needed money and an easy solution. Unfortunately, there is none.

Sometimes the product is advertised by giving you a commission when you invite other people to buy the product. If getting other people to buy the product is more important then the product itself then the product may be junk. The only way you make money is when you take it by making other people spend their money. Combine that with fees for joining or membership, and it’s probably a giant pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution. If it was, it would be nice but alas it just doesn’t work like that. But there’s no point in dwelling what can’t be changed.

Find out more information before you make a decision. Go over testimonials (not from the sales site), reviews, forums, anywhere. If the program is legitimate, there will be reviews everywhere. If you can try out the product for free, go for it. If they want money first, then forget it. It’s not worth the hassle and the obvious scam. Always be watchful for make money scams, because it seems that people are always trying to take your money. It is usually best to just ignore everything that promises you fast money in the long run.


  1. Dublio

    You are absolutely right. There is no easy way to making money. There is just one way: the tried and tested and working boring way. And to keep doing it. Rinse and repeat. I’ve been scammed myself too, so I understand how you feel – there is no quick answers.

    That’s what I learnt so far.


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