Steps To Start A Business With No Money

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Business – the term itself forces you to think of a large sum of money. Though everyone seems to consider business as something that involves a lot of money, you can start your own business without a single dime provided you strategize the right way. If you are wondering how to start a business with no money, here are a few steps to guide you.

Best Place to Start a Business

Home is the best place to start any business venture, in case you want to invest no money during the initial phase. Since you are already familiar with the set-up, you can work comfortably from your home without facing any additional monetary burden and financial commitments like the payment of rent, driving to your workplace etc. If it’s not possible to use your home for the purpose, try to get a free place for your business venture. An empty garage or a spare guestroom in the house of your friends or relatives can be of immense use.

Office Equipment

For the initial phase, try using some chairs and table from your own home or ask friends and family members to chip in. In case you need gadgets like computers, mobile phones etc, convert your personal ones, if any, into those for business purpose. In case you don’t possess them, you can always borrow from friends and relatives who are open to giving them away for a cause. Meeting distinguished guests or clients in a makeshift office can be somewhat awkward for many business people. If you too feel the same, try meeting them at other better places like restaurants, coffee shops etc.

Evaluate your potential

Another important step for starting a business without money is to assess your strength and identify the most appropriate business that matches your knowledge and expertise. You should also consider the limited resources accessible to you for the purpose. For instance, if you have a flair for writing or are quick with the computer keyboard, already own a computer with an internet connection, you can kick off an online business like freelance writing, data entry, internet marketing and blogging etc. Surf the internet, get registered at various popular job portals and online bidding sites and you will be ready to begin your venture.

Once you have selected your niche, arranged for the initial business materials and a place to start your venture, make clear plans as to how long you wish to test the waters before making your first investment. Remember – though you can start a business with no money, you will eventually need to invest in it to make it bigger and better. So, plan accordingly and give it your best shot.


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