Replace UBT Related Posts with YARPP

A few days ago, I changed the default ultimate blogging theme ‘related posts links’ that you see below each posts on this blog With YARPP (yet another related post plugin.There is a very simple reason why I did this and here’s why:

Ultimate Blogging Theme’s Related Post Algorithm Sucks

How UBT shows the ‘related posts’ on the blog simply does not look good and does not go with my expectations. The default UBT related posts , only shows ‘related posts’ based on your post’s tags. to simply put, it will not display the “REAL” related posts on your site or based on the article you’ve just written; but just the one that has the same tags. Try wrting a blog post using UBT and don’t include tags; you’ll see what I mean!

When you say ‘related posts’ it should only show the ‘top posts’ that are related to what your primary post is about. the ultimate blogging theme is a great theme however it failed with this one.

if you’re experiencing the same problem right now on your blog, do not worry. There’s a solution to this and that is by installing YARPP in your blog.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin For UBT

YARPP is a related posts plugin for wordpress created by Michael Erlewine (mitcho); a PhD student in Linguistics at MIT. The plugin gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other and MORE relevant content on your site.

You can check the main plugin Page to see more key features of this plugin but the most important of all is that this plugin is

  1. very easy to setup (I will show you a tutorial later on how I integrated it PROPERLY with the ultimate blogging theme)
  2. Smart Algorithm – It Will REALLY show your visitors REAL RELATED POSTS that is also a big plus on SEO
  3. the new templating lets you easily customize how your ‘related posts links’ are displayed. (if you take a look at how my related posts are displayed right now, you can see that almost nothing has changed. However, it did changed. All thanks to YARPP templating sysem, I was able to make the related posts neatly displayed as before without touching too much code.

This Tutorial on installing YARPP is for UBT users only. if you’re using other themes, you can still follow this tutorial however, there are some areas that may be different on your theme like the <ul class=”NAME”> for example.

How To Replace UBT Related Posts with YARPP

1. Install YARPP plugin – You can easily do this by logging in to your wordpress dashboard and going to Plugins>> add new >> and search for “YARPP” and simply click on the install button and simply activate the plugin.

2. Setup YARPP option

you can leave the whole option as it is. however, if you want it to look exactly how the UBT related posts looks; do these steps.

  • UNCHECK Automatically display related posts – if you have this option checked, it will not be placed properly below your UBT posts, but instead YARPP will be placed directly under each post so it will not look good. if you are using ubt or you simply looking for a way to change YARPP default position, you should uncheck this option.
  • on the settings page, enter he number of posts you want to appear
  • on the before/after related entries fields, replace the old code there with this:

    Related posts:

    <ul class=”related_post”>

  • you’ll notice there are 2 two fields on the “before/after related entries” the first field is where we’ve inputted the first code in step two. on the second field you’ll notice the ending tag. we simply replace it with a tag.
  • That’s it. you’ve finished this step. the next step is to properly place it on the theme.

3. Assigning a Different Position for YARPP

before doing this, make sure you got the “automatically display related posts” on yarpp option off.

  • go to your single.php file
  • if you’re using UBT, hit ctrl + F and type in ubt_related_posts (this will show you the current position of the default UBT related posts)
  • and you should be able to see this code:

    php if (function_exists(‘ubt_related_posts’)) { ubt_related_posts(); } ?>

  • Directly under or above that code, Place this:

    <?php related_posts(); ?>

  • Go to UBT head quarters and simply Deactivate the Default UBT related posts there

4. See your *NEW* and awesome Related posts displayed

that’s it. you’ve finally replaced UBT related posts with an awesome one. :)

if you have any questions regarding this, feel free to leave a comment below. I will answer any questions you might have. (but I doubt no one would be reading this. lol) :D

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