How To Make a Paypal Donate Button For Your Blog

Below is a step by step guide on how to create your own Paypal Donate button. (see my blog’s sidebar for the donate button demo)

What you’ll need:

  1. Paypal account. but since Personal accounts are unable to accept payments, you should sign up for a Paypal Premier or business account.
  2. a blog (or some place on the web where you’d like to install the donate button).
  3. that’s it.

Step 1

Login to your paypal account. inside your paypal account, click on the “merchant services tab”.

Step 2

Scroll Down the page and You’ll See the “donations link” like shown on the image below. Click on that link.

Step 3

by this time you should be on the “create a paypal donate button” page. inside this page, you can finally make your own customized paypal button. all you’ll have to do now is fill up the short form and follow the rest of the instructions.

inside that form, you can do all sorts of cool stuffs for your donate button like:

  1. using your own customized donate button image (instead of using paypal‘s default button image)
  2. the type of currency you would like to accept
  3. and more! :-)

make Paypal donate button page

When you’re finished, Just click on “create button” located at the buttom of the form to continue to the next step.

Step 4.

Paypal will automatically Give you an HTML code.

  1. copy that code by clicking “select code” (just to make sure you copy everything there).
  2. then right click on the highlighted text
  3. click copy

donate button html

Step 5 – Installing the donate Button to a website or blog

After you had successfully copied the code, it’s time to install it on your blog. just to demonstrate this to you, I’m going to install it here on my blog. take note that I’m running on wordpress.

note: if you’re running your blog on other platform like on blogspot for example, Don’t worry as I’m sure That you can still install this button to whatever platform you’re using.

you can place the donate button anywhere you would like. ideally, The best place to install a donate button is below each blog post or your blog’s sidebar. for this example, I’m going to install it on my blog’s sidebar.

I can easily do this by going to my “Widgets menu” located inside my wordpress dashboard. all I’ll have to do is Drag the “text widget”  to the blog’s right sidebar and paste the copied donate button code in there and hit save just like shown on the image below:

donation button installation

Step 6 – Test it

visit your site and see that you now have a fully functional donate button installed on your blog.

Bonus Tips

quote from “how bloggers make money from blogs

There was this news article I’ve once  read on Yahoo a year ago about people who made a living and got filthy rich just by asking for online donations. (too bad I can’t find it anymore.) but the point here is – There’s good money on donations. I mean, just think about it.

What if…

  1. Bill gates or Steve Jobs got inspired just by reading one of your blog post
  2. They Found out that the information written on your post could make them $50 Billion dollars
  3. they saw that you were asking for a “Beer”

Will They Buy you a beer???YES! (I mean, it’s $50,000,000,000. Why wouldn’t they?) =D

The trick on asking for a donation is to let visitors actually KNOW that you are asking for donations (make it noticeable). the most popular way of doing it is by placing it on your blog’s sidebar or below each of your posts.

  • Don’t just post the “paypal donate button” but instead, Place a different image if you can and add a simple text / tagline like “hey, like my blog? Buy me a beer!” or “buy me a coffee”. that way, it will lessen the awkwardness of asking your readers for money. :-D
  • Do not be upset if nobody’s donating. Focus on providing value on your website instead.
  • Share your blessings. if you don’t really need the money, Consider donating some to those who are in need. :-)


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