OIO Publisher’s Click Me first before Paying Syndrome – How to cure it.

Update 12/07/2010: don’t do this anymore if you have the new coupon code feature enabled.

OIO publisher is currently one of my favorite wordpress plugin at the moment  because it’s very handy, easy to use, makes my life easier and best of all… it makes me money! but for every cool wordpress plugins, we all should face the facts that nothing can be perfect. There are still things that I didn’t like while using oio publisher and here’s one.

The Click me first Before Paying Syndrome is Turned on by Default.

one thing that I dislike about OIO publisher plugin is that it has this “click me first before buying syndrome” feature turned on. for all we know, and for those who are using OIO publisher, This is a Huge Factor to look at.

The Main reason why we are using OIO publisher is for the convenience of our website’s advertising. By having the “click me first before paying syndrome feature” turned on, it creates a lot of confusion especially to advertisers. and for some reason, it may also make you lose money. if you still don’t get what I mean, Checkout this video below:

How to Cure the Click me first before Buying syndrome

luckily, I was able talk to simon emery (the creator of the plugin) and he was glad to help me out with this problem. The Fix was to add a redirect to the paypal module which you can find in the wp-content/plugins/oiopub-direct/modules directory.

Simon made it easier for me by providing me a download file which I could just easily upload instead of editing the script. Here’s what I did to fix OIO Publisher’s click me first before buying syndrome.

1. Download this paypal.zip File that Simon emery Gave me. (don’t worry! it’s safe. =D)

2. Extract the file

2. Upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins/oiopub-direct/modules and overwrite the Paypal module.

3.  Test it – and it works! :-)

note: this tutorial only works with paypal purchases since the redirect was only made thru the paypal module.

Here’s what happened after doing the steps above:

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