OIO Publisher Review

if you’re into selling Private advertising on your blog, then the OIOpublisher plugin is what you need. OIO publisher is The most popular ad manager plugin for WordPress – for good reasons.

  1. it’s very affordable
  2. user-friendly
  3. easy to install/upgrade
  4. They offer 1st class support
  5. Best Ad manager for WordPress. (you can use it as a standalone too.)

Big name Bloggers like John chow, Jonathan Volk and Tyler cruz had already written great reviews about their experience with oio. And I can’t see any reason why more and more blogs aren’t seen with this Plugin installed -it’s a very popular plugin.

heck, even this blog is running with OIOpublisher! :-)

with this plugin, advertisers can pay and upload their banners directly to your blog. all you’ll have to do is approve the ad on the wordpress dashboard.

With one click of a button, you can easily choose to accept payments from the leading Payment processors online like

  1. paypal
  2. alertpay
  3. google checkout
  4. many more… (you can even choose to accept payments OFFLINE)

how I use oiopublisher

How I use OIOpublisher Plugin:

all the ads you see on my site are handled by OIO publisher. (except for infolinks)

  1. The 125×125 ads you see on my blog’s right sidebar
  2. The 468×60 banner you see on the header and footer area
  3. the 300×250 banner you see inside posts and Beside the “related post area”
  4. the featured Text below each sidebar ad

all I have to do is copy either the php or the javascript outputcode provided by oio and paste it anywhere I would like it to appear on my blog. to give you a good example on how I’m using it, take a look at the screen shot on the right >>>

Obviously, I’m using the ultimate blogging theme so it’s very easy to integrate and install OIO with my blog. but regardless of whatever theme you’re using, OIO publisher is Very easy to use.

OIO publisher review: why Use OIOpublisher?

More OIO publisher features:

  1. Assign customized COUPON CODES (very useful if you want to give discounts to customers)
  2. ad-Tracker (with this feature turned on, you can easily track how many clicks and impressions each ads are getting, where they’re coming from and send those stats to your advertisers AUTOMATICALLY)
  3. Select Themes (sometimes, themes will not look like what you want it to look like. that’s why oiopublisher made this easy for us to customize it. don’t know anything about coding? don’t worry! they have arranged a good number of themes to choose from. see my advertise page for sample.)
  4. Sell your own products (the custom purchases module allows you to sell digital products directly from your blog)
  5. Affiliate program – convert website visitors to sales staff using the inbuilt affiliate program
  6. Demographic targeting (I guess you know what this already means. this is a cool feature too bad it’s only available for default ads.)

OIOpublisher Inside look (Video)

edit: (1/27/2011) I recently uploaded a video on youtube to give you an inside look at the plugin. The video has no sound since My mic is broken. still, it’s still good to watch. check it out below. (I recommend you view it on full screen so you can see the texts more clearly.

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the plugin normally cost around $47 but if you Purchase through this link (my affiliate link) you get $10 off your purchase.

Make Money online with OIOpublisher affiliate program

OIOpublisher pays 50% commission per each sale you refer. the good news is you can also increase the commision percentage if you are able to make lots of sales. so, basically you earn around $19-$25 per each sale.

Purchase OIO publisher | Become an oio affiliate.

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  1. I agree OiO Publisher is awesome. I have been using it for a while, but decided to stop.. because I had to redesign my blog (it’s a long story). Now, I currently don’t offer advertising, but I’m thinking about adding OiO publisher again.

  2. we can use that plugin for many blog?

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