OIO Publisher Coupon code for october 2009

OIOpublisher september of last month, I bought a OIO publisher plugin to sell ad space on my blog, (elie-palima.com) what is popular about OIO publisher is the “coupon code” they are letting out which will Actually Give you a $10 discount For buying Their plugin..

if you have a wordpress blog and still don’t have an OIO publisher plugin installed, Then you are quickly being “left out”.. this post is intended to give you a $10 discount if you are planning to buy an OIO publisher plugin..

OIO publisher is The easiest way to sell ad space on your blog. if you still don’t know how to use OIO publisher, and still don’t know how the plugin works, Then I recommend you to watch  Fresheventure’s  video tutorial regarding this. (she made a great tutorial about OIO publisher) Click this link to watch it.

after watching it, And You are ready to download OIO publisher, Follow these steps To get the $10 discounts:

step 1. Click this link to buy/ go to OIO publisher,

step 2. before you buy, make sure you enter this coupon code for the $10 discount.

Here is the coupon code:


note: this Code is only valid on October 2009 Only, Don’t bother entering this code after this month..

well, After all that’s done..

Goodluck making money online by selling ad space on your blog! ;)


  1. is this really a legit OIO publisher Coupon code for October 2009?

  2. yes, Try it out yourself.. Goodluck!

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  4. ok gizaz, thank you for the info, Normally I unlink comments like that, but since your new to this site, Welcome.. please comeback and subscribe to my blog feed if you can.. ;)

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