My Best (so far) Blog Marketing Tips *ever*

if you have a blog or you had officially decided to start a blog, Consider trying out these 13 blog marketing tips I’ve provided below. :-) although I haven’t done some of the tips listed, these “techniques” are guaranteed to help you out on your blog marketing campaign and hopefully put your blog to the top and the right direction.

1. Build and start an Email list (email marketing)

Build an Email list from the Start. this is probably the most common tip you will hear from almost EVERY “make money blogging gurus” out there today and I don’t blame them since it’s the PURE TRUTH. I just can’t imagine any internet marketer/blogger (who is really serious about marketing their product/website) without a single email list or an “opt-in form” these days.

Free and targeted traffic – One email to your subscribers could be one of the best traffic source for your blog. There are even guys like John chow who was once penalized by google but still get to keep his blog growing by having a Single (HUGE) mailing list alone.

The Money is on the list – if you have a good solid mailing list, you can say goodbye to advertising, Goodbye SEO, Goodbye weak traffic generation and say hello to Money on the internet.

you should also take note that it’s not about the size of your list, it’s the QUALITY and activity of the list that matters. if you have a blog and you aren’t doing this Strategy yet, then I highly recommend you to BUILD A LIST NOW to start marketing your blog more seriously.

to build a list, you’re going to need an email marketing software. in this blog (and my other sites) I use and highly recommend the service Provided by Aweber.

AWeber - Email Marketing Made EasyFor only $1 you can start using the *quality* service provided by aweber, and if for any reason after 30 days you are not satisfied with their service, You can ask for a refund and get your $1 back.

2. Join and take advantage of forums

when done correctly, Forums can be a good source of your blog traffic as well. Forums are good especially when it comes to networking and building a connection with people. be helpful on the forums and pretty soon, you’ll meet lots of people and you’ll eventually grow your blog on the way.

I find Business advice forum to be one of the best source when it comes to online business related issues. (check them out! Good site, Great community period.)

Digital point forums is also a good source when it comes to webmaster related issues.

3. Don’t be shy to ask questions

if you have Trouble on anything, and you don’t know what to do… what would you do???

ASK! – Just ask.

this is probably a no-brainer “technique” but this one is actually one of *the best* tip I could give to anyone and probably this one is one of the most “unnoticed” side of the equation. if you’re having problem with anything and you don’t know what to do, Just simply “ask”.

The good news is that anyone with enough knowledge about your question will definitely help you out (just make sure that you are asking THE RIGHT QUESTIONS to the RIGHT people.)

and if you’re really “that” shy we have a friend named Google who can answer almost (if not all) your questions.

4. Get your own Customized logo design.

a blog is all about branding and making you and your blog stand out from the rest. having your own customized Logo for your blog will definitely play a huge part on your blog’s branding and marketing.

if you are a master on crafting images on photoshop Then you can create your own logo for yourself. however if you’re like me (I still haven’t discovered my “artistic” self) You can hire someone to do it for you.

eLie palima dot com’s logo is officially made by Logonerds and I highly recommend their services since they are very easy to work with and they Create Brilliant logo designs and the best of all… They are the *best* “low-cost” logo makers around.

for a very low price of $30, you can now have your own unique and Professionally made logo and create your own brand. $30 is a very low price considering that other “logo companies” charge about $400 for a single logo design. and that’s why Logo nerds became the #1 choice for online logo-makers for all small businesses and blog owners out there.

5. SEO (search engine optimization) – Don’t Make it too complicated and hard.

Search engine Traffic is in no doubt the best traffic source for a website. if you have no idea about Seo, Download this book by brad callen. (it’ll teach almost everything you need to know about SEO)

Free and targeted traffic – it’s what your blog needs. There’s no place on the web where you can find it other than search engines.

the only downside of getting traffic from search engines is you need to do additional work like keyword research, getting links etc. to make sure that you get at least the top 10 rankings. the competition could be really high as well depending on your blog’s niche. (which in no doubt gives you more additional work)

the good news is that, there are people willing to help you with these. Like Hiring a logo designer, you can also Outsource SEO services for your blog as well.

Why bother spending hours and hours of SEO work EVERYDAY, when you can hire someone to do it for you???

when it comes to blogging, I usually don’t recommend you focus on SEO too much. SEO for all I know could be a big pain in the ass, specially when you are working for months with it. There’s even a certain chance that you’ll end up not seeing any results at all (or worse) get penalized by google by Doing your SEO the wrong way.

SEO and linkbuilding could get very addictive. do it too much and You’ll lose your focus on your blog. so if you’re really serious about blogging and you have the right amount of budget, I highly recommend you to just hire someone to do those SEO work for you and Focus only on what’s important instead. Your blog.

Save your time, Save your effort, save your energy. Outsource! ;-)

Linxboss, Seolinkwheelers, and Shout me loud are some of the best SEO services I find online so far.

note: I haven’t tried out any one of the services mentioned above. (but I’m planning to) :D

6. Guest Blog yourself to Fame!

Guest blogging if done correctly is probably the best, fastest and easiest way to get you and your blog noticed. even without needing traffic from Search engines, you can still Market your blog effectively by guest blogging.

big time Probloggers were once asked this question:

“if you were to start your blog from scratch, what would you do?”

Their answer is to GUEST BLOG to the biggest blogs on their niche.

Guest blogging can be a really powerful tool when it comes to marketing a blog and it’s also a good opportunity for building links as well. personally, I think it’s better to Guest blog rather than submit your articles to the major article directories. to simply put it, Guest blogging is the Future of article marketing.

Guest blogging also helps to build up relationship between you and The blogger that you’re submitting articles with (which is one of the main point of blogging. – Building relationship.)

if you are looking to guest post on blogs and you want to do it the easy way, (finding blogs related to your niche etc..) you can check out anne smarty’s My blog guest. is a serviceable forum aimed to finding bloggers who are interested to Guest blog. and blog owners needing for new and unique Content for their blogs.

7. Do Blog commenting

This one is probably one of the “old school” type of marketing trick you can do. (Which still works).

Visit other blogs related to your niche, read their post, then type in your opinion. (don’t type in too much though) if someone finds your comment interesting enough, then there’s a good chance that they will checkout your blog and subscribe as well and hopefully become one of your loyal reader (if he likes you enough, He’ll even want to be your friend!).

Another Good Trick I discovered about Blog-commenting is that it’s much better to comment on those ‘little blogs’ rather than the ‘big blogs’.

Why? little blogs or those blog administrators who rarely receives comments on their site will most definitely check out your blog and subscribe if he thinks your blog is more worth-following enough than his’. and almost 91% of the time he would definitely leave a comment back to your site. (which is a big plus for you since the number of comments gives you ‘social proof’)

while the ‘big blogs’ often times would not notice you or your comments since he is already receiving lots of it.

just to make this one short, all I’m trying to say here is this: Comment on those blogs who has few comments and Guest Blog to those who has too many comments.

btw, you can also Put more life to your comments and and at the same time promote your brand by signing up on Gravatar and add your own comment avatar there.

8. Visit Blogs by Veteran bloggers who gives out solid tips and advice related to blogging, marketing and making money online

instead of purchasing an $87 ebook that gives out crappy information, consider also to read and visit blogs that gives out free tips and tricks that would help you with your blog marketing campaign. There’s a Huge chance that you’ll find every information you need on their blogs alone.

below, I’ve listed some of the best blogs I find who gives out Solid advice, tips, tricks related to blogging, marketing and making money online. They are bloggers who are very Friendly and accommodating as well, so if you have any questions regarding blog marketing or anything related to blogs, You can also Contact them. (they’ll help you out) ;-).

  • SmartBloggerz – SmartBloggerz provides useful tips for bloggers about making money online, blogging, SEO and etc.
  • DailyBlogTips – DBT is a very popular blog when it comes to blogging and it is considered as one of the market leaders in the blogging niche.
  • Blogussion – Blogussion is a blog handing out blogging tips and timely discussions all about improving blogs. They are a blog about blog­ging that pro­vides out­stand­ing tips for excelling your blog in a vari­ety of top­ics.
  • Dean Hunt – The ever popular Dean Hunt is the pioneer of Buzz and Personality Marketing. He runs a very popular blog at w/c gives out the best buzz marketing strategies on the internet.
  • Jimvesting – JimVesting is a blog owned by Jim Regan. The blog gives out stock market tips, business advices, and making money online in general.
  • Blogtactic – is a blog owned by Richard about making money online targeted more to Malaysia.
  • FamousBloggers – Famous Bloggers is a multi-authors blog and Social Network platform for Making Money Online Tips built on the contributions of its authors.
  • BetterBloggingForBloggers – BBB is ran by Liane who is one of the few talented young bloggers in the industry. The blog provides blogging tips aimed both for newbie and experts.
  • Carl Ocab – more famously known as KidBlogger, Carl is a turning 16-year old kid who probably has made more money than you. At that young age, he was able to fund several product oriented sites like the Ultimate Blogging Theme and YoungestBloggers.
  • Shoutmeloud – ShoutmeLoud is a blog tackling blogging and technology and is owned by Harsh Agrawal. It is one of the most popular blogs here in Asia and is amazingly getting good rankings on search engines. He also offers a Blogger to WordPress migration service
  • QuickSprout – Quicksprout is a blog about entrepreneurship and personal branding. It’s owned by a very successful entrepreneur Neil Patel who owns various software companies and also does consulting for big companies like TechCrunch and etc.
  • Melvinblog – is an internet marketing blog which aims to provide the best information that concerns about the whole online marketing world. That being said, it also includes tips for Blogging, Social Media, Search Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and the latest Web Developments.
  • incomediary – one of my personal favorites. is a blog focused on teaching people how to make money blogging. the blog is currently owned by michael dunlop, (sign up on his mailing list to learn more)
  • John chow dot com – this blog is the first blog ever who thought me how to make money from blogs. john chow’s blog is my most favorite of all “make money online” blogs out there.

9. (if you’re into selling ad-spots) Make Advertisers welcome. Sell advertising space on your blog Easily and Professionally

in my opinion, Selling advertising on a blog directly is actually much better than placing Google adsense (or the likes) on a blog. it’s even better than slapping your affiliate banners.

if you’re into selling direct advertising space on your blog, you should also consider looking into your customer’s point of view and make sure that it’s convenient ordering from you and at the same time, make it also easy for you to handle them. make sure to also include your site’s stats just to make sure that advertisers will know what their getting.

Remember, Advertisers are there because they simply want to know “ the benefits” they get when they purchase advertising on your site.

I handle advertising here on elie palima dot com using a WordPress plugin called OIO publisher and it’s actually one of the best investment I’ve made for my blog so far. I discovered OIO publisher before when I was reading a tutorial about it on Keller Hawthorne’s blog. you can checkout keller’s OIO publisher Video tutorial here or if you want to see how easily it is to use oio publisher you can check out the plugin’s Demo here.

OIO publisher is an ad manager that focuses on maximizing your revenue, saving you time, and keeping you in complete control of your ad space. and like I said, it can also be used as a wordpress plugin right out of the box. The plugin cost $47. you get a $10 discount when you purchase through my affiliate link and you should be able to get everything back with your first sale.

Additional Advertising tips:

Placing your email address or “email me to order” on your advertise page is not enough (actually I think it makes you lose customers). you want your advertisers to “take action now” and that’s why you should also place “Click here to order” links or buttons on your advertise page. (if you’re having trouble figuring out what I mean, Check out my advertise page).

instead of just placing an advertise page on your blog’s navbar:

you should also make it more visible.


Putting up banners like these also does a pretty good job:

After doing these experements, My advertising sales went up by about let’s say, 100% (since my first sale was made when I did that experiment. :-D)

10. Brand your blog! Get a theme for your blog

Like getting a customized logo mentioned above, another way of improving your blog’s brand is by Getting a customized or if possible, your OWN unique theme.

you can easily search free blog themes by searching on your wordpress dashboard (wp-admin>>>under appearance>>>add new themes) or simply google-ing it. however, having a PREMIUM theme for your blog makes it look more Proffesional and gives you more advantage over the other bloggers who are using the free ones.

Below are some of *the best* wordpress blog-theme providers I’ve found so far:

  • Ultimate Blogging theme – theme by carl ocab and the current theme I am using. handle the looks and feel of your blog with this premium wordpress theme without touching any code. with the ultimate blogging theme installed, you’ll also have the power of having a Google friendly blog.
  • Themewars – Themewars is a premium themes club owned by the ever popular Unique Blog Designs who have made the designs for a lot of popular bloggers in the industry.
  • GabFire Themes – Gabfire Themes was founded in 2008 by Mehmet Özekinci a 29-year old independent web designer and web project consultant based in Estonia
  • Elegant Themes – Elegant Themes is an all access WordPress themes membership site that provides the best themes on the market. It also offers exceptional support through forums.
  • Blogussion Thesis theme – This theme was cre­ated to be as user friendly as The­sis is, with its own addi­tional admin options and plenty of new wid­get areas through­out the theme. We wanted to pro­vide you with a beau­ti­ful theme that has plenty of extra admin acces­si­ble fea­tures, and we feel like we have done just that with this theme.
  • Woothemes – this one is actually my second choice for a wordpress theme. woo themes are all built on a solid code framework which we have fine tuned over time. With a new backend to let you easily control the theme options and multiple theme styles to every theme, it won’t take you long to get up and running.

11. Start a contest

the best part of starting a contest is that it builds up your blog’s community by giving out certain activities for your readers. start a contest and Take advantage of it while you promote your blog.

a Good example of a blog contest that I can think about is MelvinBlog’s Best Blog Marketing Tip contest (this post is an entry btw)

The thing I like about melvin’s contest is not only he Gives out a whooping $2000 in prizes, but also there’s a great benefit for those who’ll join the contest as well. personally, I think joining the contest helps me to improve my blogging skills. so, it’s a win-win situation.

12. Sponsor a Contest

Besides starting a contest, You can also sponsor a blog contest as well. if you have something that has value that you are willing to give away (like an ebook or Theme) sponsoring a contest could be a good opportunity to market your blog/product etc..

13. Provide More Value More often as possible

Do not forget that marketing is all about providing Value to People and it’s a fundamental key to your blog’s success.

like on every market, there is competition. the more value you give, The higher the chance you will stand out from the rest and simply make you and your blog unique. Post valuable content Frequently and follow the tips written here. pretty soon, blog marketing would be a piece of cake.


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    • hello harsh. yeah, actually that’s one of the main reasons why I bought aweber in the first place. when I discovered that it could be integrated with feedburner, I immediately bought an account and slapped optin forms on the blog.

      the funny thing about it is that when I was a total newbie, My main goal was just to purchase aweber and build up my “feed count” just to brag and tell the world that I have thousands of subscribers. *LOL! of course, today is a whole new different story. :-)

      I’m also going to replace my opt-in form’s incentive pretty soon. maybe replace it with a video or an ecourse instead.

      Thanks for the visit harsh! :-)

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