How To Make Money With Google

There are lots of websites out there that teach you how to make money with Google. Most of them, only talks about Google adsense. in this post, I will talk about the different ways that you can do to make money online using Google.

Make Money With Google

if you own a website, it is much easier to make money with google. That is why I recommend you to start one today if you haven’t already.

Blogs do well with Google. if you don’t know how to make one, I can make one for you free.

if you don’t own a website, that’s also OK. you can still make money with google even if you don’t have a website.

You see, there are different ways that you can do to make money on Google and squeeze out all those money juice from your web site. The first one that I would like to talk about is Google Products.

Make Money Online With Google’s Products

if you are new to internet marketing / make money online, you probably do not understand much of the tools that I am going to mention below. Don’t worry because I will be explaining each in good detail on how you can use these tools to make money online.

However, if you find yourself lost and have a question, don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment below. I will answer your questions – asap.

For the record, these Google products do not “actually” make you money. What they do instead is *help you* make more money using your website. how? by maximizing your website’s performance and making your life easier.

The First Google product that I would like to talk about is Gmail.

#1 Gmail by Google

(I bet you already know what this is?)

if you dont, well.. you are leaving under a rock. Gmail is the most popular Web mail service by google. I recommend you get an account if you still have none. Obviously, Gmail is helpful when you are sending/receiving email. But what most beginner web masters don’t know is that you can actually integrate your custom email address with gmail.

Doing so will let you send and receive eMails via gmail using your customized email address.

as an example, I have a custom email that is (admin[at] what happens is, I send and receive my emails through gmail using this address.  so, instead of sending/receiving an email as, the recipient would actually see the email as

Helpful because it increases your brand awareness by getting the recepient see your website domain as the email address and would help people to remember your site more.

if you want to learn how to integrate gmail, these guys did a good job of writing a tutorial about it.

#2 Google Analytics

One of my favorite Google tools.  Tracking is everything especially when you are trying to make money online with a website. without proper tracking, it’s going to make you feel like a blind folded kid trying to hit the Piñata.

This is why I recommend you use the best website tracking tool available on the internet. Google analytics.

it’s free, and will track almost all visitor-activities that is on your site including:

  1. traffic = visitors coming to your site (obviously)
  2. Search terms visitors used to get to your site
  3. What browsers they are using
  4. are they using mobile device?
  5. social media interations
  6. Even live stats/ real time statistics
  7. much more cool stuff….

How Google Analytics can help you make more money online is simple. it will report to your most popular pages and see how much a ‘feature on your site is converting and from there, you can do some experiment and ideas that will make you more money.

if you’re running private advertising on your site, Google analytics can help to. Potential advertisers love to see stats and how your website is doing. Showing them a screenshot of your website traffic on google analytics would help alot in closing an advertising sale.

#3 Google Webmaster Tools

Google launched this tool to help webmaster better SEO their website and I use the Google webmaster tools for 2 reasons:

  1. to see how Google search engine see my sites
  2. Improve my websites’ visibility in Google search results
  3. See search terms that are ranking well for my sites

With these kinds of information, it will be easier for you to generate organic traffic to your website. More traffic, more sales potential.

#4 Google Docs

is just like Microsoft office. (but much better)

  1. it is a free tool
  2. you get to edit your files online
  3. you get to collaborate with other users

Google docs is very useful whenever I’m doing/monitoring freelance work. Using Google docs, you can immediately see what your employee is working on and is very helpful for tracking client reports.

To give you a good explanaion on how google docs work, here’s a video by Google:

And that’s how Google docs work. You should definitely take advantage of it.

#5 Google’s Website Optimizer

useful when you are experimenting on your site’s design. Google website optimizer is a place where you can experiment and split test your web pages and see what design would convert better and it is very useful for alot of things.

I first heard of this tool from Joel Comm. He use this tool to maximize his Google adsense income to over $100,000++ per month.

But, it doesn’t end with google adsense. you can use this to almost everything you want to test convertion with! like, your optin-forms for example or your “buy now buttons”

For a good explanation on how to use this tool, here’s a video by Google:

The only difference is, it is free AND you get to edit your files online.

All these tools, Helps you and your website make more money online & I am giving my BIG THANK YOU to Google for providing these tools to us, 100% free. if you are unsure how these G-products work or have a question on how to use them, you can leave me comment and I’ll try to answer your question asap.

Make Money Online With Google Adsense

How good can a “make money online with google” post be without covering Google adsense.

Adsense is another product by Google. Before, I told you about google products that will just help you make money online. This time, it is different.

Google adsense is a product by google that will actually make you money online. How Google Adsense work is basically it’s contextual advertising.

  1. You sign up for an account
  2. generate an ad-code
  3. install that ad-code on your site
  4. And BOOM. you make money each time ads are clicked or generated 1,000 impressions

Below is an example of a Google adsense ad:

Adsense Ad example - Make Money with google

The key to making lots of money with this program is to generate as much search traffic as possible. if you are able to generate around 30-60,000 visitors a month, there’s a good chance that this program could make you around $1,000- $5,000 per month.

The more traffic you generate, the more clicks and ad impressions you’ll make which would of course, make you more money.

However, if you are thinking that just by plastering your google adsense ads and generating these traffic would make you thousands a month, you should think again.

There is way more to Google adsense that you should learn. 3 of the most important are:

1. Ad Placement

Learning and experimenting on where to place your Google ads will help you maximize the income you are making. Place it somewhere where the visitor might miss it, would lead to less clicks. a good thing to remember is to keep the ads above the fold.

2. Ad Design

if you’re running google ads, then your main concern is to get your visitors click the ads. even if you work on your placement, if your design is bad, it won’t convert well for your site(s).

A good rule of the thumb when designing / placing your Google ads is to…


the reason is because, Visitors would generally avoid ads and banners on your site. That is why you should work on “blending” the colors and placement of the ads on your site. if you get it to happen, it would lead you to more income.

3. Learning The Adsense Policy

it would be a stupid step if you don’t. You do not want to piss off Google and get your account banned. that is why it is super recommended you learn and read this policy first before starting with the program. it is a short read and would help you a lot.

The Secret To Making More Money With Google Adsense

if you are serious on making more money with Google adsense, I can come up with a post about it. However, I would like to tell you that there is already a Great guide about it that you can find online.

the Adsense Secret is an in-depth guide to be successful in making money with the google adsense program. it is written by Joel comm someone who is known to generate thousands of dollars of google adsense income every week.

He is also the co-creator of yahoo games and the author of the book titled “The AdSense Code” that became a NY times best seller.

if you want to learn all “the ropes” in making money with Google adsense, I recommend you download this book today.

Make Money With Google Adwords

Most people think that the best way to make money with google is trough their Adsense program. What they don’t know is that Google advertisers are making more money than its publishers.

Google adwords is a place where you can advertise on google’s search results. Remember the Google adsense ads example? these are the guys who own the websites listed. – they are the ones advertising on google.

in many cases, these advertisers are the ones who are making most money with google.

The reason is because, advertising in google leads to more targeted traffic.

Try searching for, “make money online” you will see a result like this:

The advertiser on the very top of the search result is usually the highest bidder for that keyword. if you’re on the very top results, that usually lead to more clicks and traffic that would eventually make the advertiser more money because, the person who is searching for the keyword is targeted.

to give you more insight on what more google adwords can do for you and your marketing campaign, here’s a video:

You can use Adwords to Advertise on:

  1. Google Search results
  2. Websites running with adsense
  3. Youtube users that are part of the partnership program

with proper marketing strategy, it would be easy to make money using google adwords.

Make Money With Google’s Youtube

Some people might not have heard of this but Google actually bought YouTube for $1.65 billion US dollars back in 2006. so, basically, YouTube is a way to make money with Google.

I’ve come up with an in depth-guide on how to make money with youtube here. But the most popular way to make money with Youtube is through their partnership program

it is similar to how you make money with Adsense. The difference is, the ads are place on the videos.

  1. get a youtube account
  2. sign up to their partnership program
  3. get accepted
  4. make money each time someone clicks an ad and generate 1,000 impressions

Make Money By Being On The Front Page of Google Search Results

This is by far one of the best way to make money with Google.

When you own a website, you want it to be discovered. The best way to do that is by being on the front page in google for your targeted keyword.

Have you done a google search lately? did you ever ask WHY some sites rank higher for a particular keyword? The answer is search engine optimization.

Let’s say your website is about “dog training” and you are someone who is selling Dog training related products.

instead of using Adwords to pay google to list your site on their search results, you can get there for free by doing search engine optimization on your site.

When your website is ranking highly in google for your targeted keyword (in this case, “dog training”) you’ll get:

  1. Targeted traffic = people who are *really* interested on “dog training” will be able to see your website.
  2. from point #1: because you get targeted traffic, that would usually lead to more sales, more leads, more adsense clicks or website advertisers.
  3.  Of course, More Money

if you’re new to SEO and picking the right keywords for your site, checkout my guide here.

 Final Stuffs about this Post

And that’s about it for our little lesson on how people make money with Google. if you have some questions and would like to see me add something on this post, you can leave me comment below.



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