Make Money Playing Video Games With Rovio Mobile

Rovio Entertainment is the creator of the popular game; Angry Birds. (I bet you already know what this game is)

anyway, Rovio looks like a very decent and fun company to work with and it would really sound Cool if you are known to be working for them

I recently I stumbled upon their Careers page. There, I found all available job-positions they listed and it amaze me that they have so much openings. What really caught my interest is that they are looking for Video Game Testers. Basically, The Job is to test the quality of Rovio games before it is released to the general public. (you can read more about the original job posting here)

Angry birds rovio mobile

My son together with his angry birds

Video Game Tester may not be “the” best sounding job but sounds like the most easiest one. if you want to apply for this job, there are several requirements:

  • At least 1 year of work experience in game testing
  • Experience in bug reporting and in bug reporting tools (e.g. Bugzilla. Jira)
  • Familiar with the different testing methodologies (black box, white box, functional, compatibility, exploratory, regression, usability, compliance, localization, beta, etc.).
  • Solid knowledge of information technology (gadgets, mobile devices, PCs, Mac, web, consoles, etc.).
  • Experience of the different mobile gaming platforms (iOS, Android, Symbian etc.)

in the USA, Video game testers are Usually paid around $10-$12 per hour. Typically, they make around $40,000 a year and experienced ones, makes about $70,000 (based on some research I did)

based on the figures, the numbers aren’t bad. You can totally make a living out of it.

Anyway, I am not exactly sure if Rovio is hiring people outside of Finland and/or virtual employees. (if they are, then that’s really cool of them!) You may have to confirm it yourself by submitting an application.


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