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Are You looking for a way to make money online writing articles? well, That’s COOL! =D

because today, I hired someone to write an article for me on “how to make money online by writing articles”. I think this would be very useful for you and very much suits this site. after all, this is a “make money online” blog. =D

the good thing about this is – it is written BY: A REAL PERSON = who makes money by writing articles, herself.

there are some drawbacks though, I wasn’t 100% happy with the article she had written for me. it lacks sources on where people should go if they are, looking for ways to make money online by writing articles. I think the copy is also bad and hard to read as well.

However, with a little bit of tweaking from my end, it got better. I believe this is a good guide. I hope this would help you out in some way if you are looking to make money online through writing.

The first thing you have to do when trying to make money by article writing is to join freelance websites.

Websites To Visit  To Make Money Online by Writing Articles Easily And For Free

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3. (recommended)
  • 4. (recommended)
  • 5. Internet marketing Forums like (warrior, digital point etc…)

The websites mentioned above are not only great places to look for writing jobs. They Are also great places to outsource freelancers whenever you need content.

How To Make Money Online Writing Articles: Written By A Writer Who is Already Making Money From It

There are many ways to legitimately make money online writing articles. Depending on the skills you have, the subject matter you are most skilled at, and the online sites that you work with. There are opportunities available for youto consider, if you know where to go to make money writing online.

The beginning of the process is generally the most difficult, as you have to find the sites that offer the greatest payout, and those sites that have content on the topics and types of articles that you are most comfortable in writing. Additionally, when you are choosing the sites to work with, you have to find those that offer the greatest payment per article, and various articles for you to continually write articles about.

How To Make Money Online Writing Articles

Once you have found the sites that have a good article base, you will find that it is fairly simple to make money online writing articles. Especially when you are writing on topics that you are familiar with, enjoy talking about, have particular experience with, or are fond of the types of topics that you are writing about, you will basically be making money for doing and writing about things that you love talking about.

Know Your Expertise

When seeking out the best solutions to the questions how to make money online by writing articles, you have to seek out the topics you have expertise in, and those which you are most familiar with, in order to write quality content. The better the quality, and the more informed you are on a particular subject matter, the more likely it is that you are going to have the articles accepted.

Other than working as a sub contractor, and writing articles online to make money for a third party company, you can also seek out blog posts and opinion based article sites, which offer payments for the amount of times the articles are written. These sites tend to be more for individuals who are skilled in a particular subject matter where there is a great deal of interest, and where only a select niche group of individuals can write quality articles for the information.

Certain blog posts tend to be about IT specialty, computer repair, or more in depth and complex informational blogs, which provide solutions for companies. Many companies that post these blog pieces will also seek out quality SEO content writers, or individuals that are skilled in writing spun articles, which can be manipulated to say the same thing, in different formats, and in different sentence patterns. So, if you are particularly skilled in these types of subject matter, you can make money writing articles online in this manner as well. The payout is generally higher, since these articles require more research to be written, and require a specific amount of knowledge on the types of subject matter that the requester is seeking to have written.

When seeking the best solutions on how to make money by writing articles online, it is also wise to do a basic online search, in order to find the sites that are currently hiring freelance writers. There are many sites that are scam sites, and therefore you must take the time to do the requisite research, in order to find the sites that are legitimate.

Google and Elie Palima Is Your Friend

But, running a basic search engine search, (and following the list of elie above) on any major search engine, is a great way to find the sites that offer individuals who are skilled writers the potential to make money online writing articles.

What to do when looking for Sites To offer service on:

  1. Compare the sites
  2. reading reviews by those who are members of the sites
  3. find the freelance writing sites that have all types of content, and the content that you are capable of writing great pieces and content

The above mentioned are the sites that you should consider registering with.

Most, if not all freelance writing sites are free to join. Additionally, the amount you are capable of making is only capped by how much you are willing to write, and the payout per article. So, for those who want to make money writing articles online, you must find the sites that pay the most per word, and the sites that have varying skill levels and classes of writers.

For the sites that have different ratings (one to five stars), those who have higher ratings are going to make more per word when writing articles online. Therefore, making sure the content you put out is perfect quality, and is error free, will result in higher rankings on those sites, in turn leading to you making more money online writing articles.

The Best Way To Make Money Online Writing Articles

The best way to truly make money writing articles online is by joining a few different sites. This will allow you to work on several projects a day, and it will give you the potential of earning pretty good income, by working at home, with very few expenses. The only expense you will incur is an internet bill on a monthly basis, which you are already paying for if you have home internet services.

So, when looking for the best methods of how to make money online by writing articles, composers will find that there are many sites which are legit, and do offer great payouts per article, especially if you are considered a “five” star (or the highest ranked) writers. The elite writers, and those who have a skilled niche writing style, especially for pieces that not all individuals have the skill or knowledge to write about, can expect to earn even higher payouts on the articles they have written.

Final Notes

There is a potential to make money writing articles online. But, just as with any other work from home positions, you have to take the time to research, get the information about the legitimate sites online, and take the time to polish up your writing skills.

The more content you are able to produce, the higher the quality of your articles, and the more complex the subject matter you are capable of writing quality articles about, the greater the earning potential you can expect when looking for work from home positions, and seeking the best methods to make money online writing articles.

This is the end of her article. =)

if you have any questions, opinions or need help with this, you can leave a comment below.


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  2. Jim Oldfield says:

    You certainly can become an accomplished article writer and make money at it. You do need to learn some skills if you want to be successful:
    1. Researching what people are interested in. We’re all taught about supply and demand. You can supply what people want but you have to figure out what that it first. Learning to do keyword searches (not as hard as it sounds) is your first step.
    2. You need to be able to research your topic. If you can Google a topic, you’re on your way.
    3. You should learn to write brief article summaries to organize your research.
    4. And obviously you need to know how to write. My advice is not to simply write, but to dictate like you’re speaking to a live audience. Your style will be much more natural and people like to read that style.
    Note that the writing is the last item in the list. Research is the most important skill you can learn.
    When I started writing, I used They have lots of free training and you’ll quickly learn if you’re hitting the mark based on your article statistics.
    I now like to do all my writing on my iPad. It’s a simple and very effective tool that allows me to create quality content anyplace and anytime.

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