How to Make Money With Online Surveys (Step By Step Guide!)

Let’s be frank, almost all of us get those mails which promise us thousands of dollars if we fill in those forms and complete a few simple surveys.

The mails sound great but right at the end, there’s a nasty little hook telling you to send money for registration!

That is not right and most of us just click away in disgust and then mark the sender as a spammer.

And that’s exactly what gives this legitimate field a bad name! There are a huge range of companies present online that deal with market research and most of them are completely reliable and trustworthy. These companies work directly with large consumer-need driven companies to produce a huge range of goods.

A Start-Up Guide To Make Money With Online Surveys

To find out the need for such goods or the effectiveness of the goods that are made, companies get in touch with market research or survey companies who review the product with a selected group of consumers. You can easily choose to be this consumer by registering with reputable international market research companies. Of course, you will be paid for your opinions.

That means that you can make money with online surveys but you have to make sure that you choose the best websites that are reliable and who deal with market surveys as professionally and ethically as possible.

make money with online surveys

Make Money With Online Surveys Step # 1

Search for survey companies that are based online. For example, all you have to do is put in the name ‘survey company’ in to Google and the internet will throw up thousands of results. We suggest you list down all of the sites and then review each of these sites individually.

Take the name of each site and then review each site on the internet by putting the term ‘review’ or ‘good/bad’ after it and you will get a whole lot of information. Consumers who have used the survey sites will also put up their personal opinions about the survey company. We suggest that you read all of the reviews but make your own decisions.

Make Money With Online Surveys Step # 2

Get in touch with each company and review the website. The website should offer a BBB rating or offer an ‘About us’ policy by which you can judge the reputation of the company.  Other than that, you have to check to see how long the company has been in business. Choose only those companies that have been around for atleast three to five years or more.

Large international companies that run multiple market research strategies like mystery shopping, online surveys etc will be the best. Make sure that you also check how they share their member information. A few survey sites may share your personal details with their sister sites and you could be bombarded with a range of spam mails which are worthless.

Make Money With Online Surveys Step # 3

Read all their rules before joining. Initially almost all survey sites paid through cash. For completing a set number of surveys you were paid a definite amount.

However, now most companies have now shifted over to a points system. That means that when you complete a survey, you will be assigned a point.  These points are accumulated and they can be redeemed later on. You can use the points to purchase products that are listed with the company at their redemption dashboard.

Make Money With Online Surveys Step # 4

Recognize a scam and be careful. Avoid all websites that insist that you will be making a comfortable income based on the survey company. This is not possible as the company will have a huge database of consumers.

The client company will match its requirements with the database and there is a very good chance that you will not be eligible for the surveys atleast 50% of the time. You can make an income but it might be around $500 to about $1000 per month or even less.

To protect yourself, make sure that you update your security software and install the WOT add-on on your browser to recognize and ban malware sites.

Make Money With Online Surveys Step # 5

Contact the company directly and enroll with them. Once you have found a good company, you will have to set up a separate email account. Use this account to only deal with survey companies. It is a much better way of ensuring that you don’t get spammed.

There should be specific guidelines on how to enroll with the company and procedures that should be followed. When you enroll with the company, there will be an extensive form that you will have to fill.

This profile is very necessary for the company database. Usually, the profile form will require you to put in personal details, geographical location, profession, likes and dislikes.

Once you have filled in the form, the database will them match you to the existing surveys and immediately start sending you survey links and forms to fill in. Try to fill in every survey that is sent to you. If you miss more than two or three survey invitations, most companies will then remove you from their database.

There should be no payments that have to be made upfront as reliable companies will not charge you for the work that you are doing. The companies should also not send you training material or even learning videos.

The entire basis of a survey is that consumers should evaluate a product and fill in the survey as naturally as possible. There is no need for training or fees to be paid upfront for this.

Top Online Internet Survey Companies

We cannot really recommend any particular website for your needs but there are a few internationally recognized companies that are well known and are completely reliable.

For example, GlobalTestMarket, American Consumer Opinion Panel, Spidermetrix, Pureprofile, Clear Voice Surveys etc are all considered to be the market leaders in the field. However, do not sign up with any company until you have personally completed your due diligence and until you are completely satisfied about the company.


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