How To Make Money On YouTube

Can you make money on youtube? Yes. You can make money on YouTube. They have a so-called “partnership program” that you can join in and once you get accepted, YouTube will display ads inside your videos that will make you money each time the ads are clicked on or gets 1,000 impressions.

here’s how the ads look like:

make money on youtube (how the ads look like)

Smosh makes lots of money on their ads from their YouTube videos

Sometimes, there can also be ads displayed on the right hand side of the video like this:

Annoying orange youtube sidebar ads that makes them money

watch annoying orange or any other popular youtube channels. You'll see ads like this. and they will make money each time these ads are clicked or viewed 1,000 times

Youtubers like

Has been reported to be making an estimated annual income of $300,000+ from the YouTube partnership program alone. And, I can’t blame them if they all quit/forget their ‘regular jobs’ offline because of YouTube.

but Don’t get too excited yet. There’s a problem.

You won’t get accepted on YouTube’s partnership program easily

The YouTube partnership program will only accept your application if your channel and videos has a lot of views. The number of your Subscribers is another factor.

these things, don’t happen overnight. (unless of course, you have a video that goes viral. but still, that’s not enough to get accepted.)

This is why, I will be sharing with you this video of Michael Buckley of what the buck show. Michael Buckley is one of the most successful YouTube partner in YouTube today and he has been reported to be making $200,000 of annual income from his YouTube videos alone.

Youtube asked Buckley to do a webinar on how to be successful on YouTube. the Video is below. I recommend you watch it and you’ll learn many things from

  • branding yourself
  • getting views
  • getting subscribers
  • and all in all be a success on YouTube.

How To Be Successful on Youtube – by Michael Buckley (What the buck show)

Clearly, to make lots of money on youtube, you’re going to need

  1. a lot of video views.
  2. alot of subscribers
  3. Proper branding of your channel
  4. of course, get accepted on the partnership program

However, from buckley’s video, I feel there’s something missing and something that he forgot to mention. And that’s having a channel niche.

A niche is basically the main topic that your youtube channel will be covering ie:

  • Smosh (humor/comedy)
  • Boyce Avenue (music covers)
  • michellphan – (makeup tutorials)
  • Shaytards (video blog about his life)
  • Philip defranco (News blog)

The reason why I suggest you have a niche for your channel is because:

if you focus on a single topic, you’ll be able to reach more audience and it will help your audience avoid confusion. instead of a general channel that posts random video topics.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about to get a successful youtube channel is by copying what your ‘competitors’ (just can’t think of a proper way to describe it) are doing on their videos.

if you’re going to start a humor/comedy like smosh, it’ll probably be best that you copy what they do. of course, DO NOT COPY THEIR VIDEOS THAT WILL BE TOTALLY UNORIGINAL.

what I’m saying is, you :

1. Copy How They Promote Their Brand

an examples is you can have your own logo like what smosh do and display that logo on your video intros

2. Copy How They Get Subscribers and Video Likes

if you go and watch successful youtuber’s videos, most of them encourages their audience to “Subscribe” or “Thumbs up” at the end of each of their videos

3. Copy How They Maximize Revenues From Their Videos

YouTube’s Partnership program is not the only way to make money on YouTube. if you watch smosh videos for example, you’ll see that on each of their videos, there’s always a link pointing to their own website which is another source of income for them.

if you’re able to put all these together, especially Michael buckley’s tip, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to be successful at making lots of money on YouTube.

Bonus Tips To Make More Money On Youtube

Like I said, the youtube partnership program is not the only way to make money on YouTube. Below are more examples and ideas on how you can make more money on YouTube.

#1 Affiliate Marketing

I’ve explained how affiliate marketing works here. if you have a popular youtube video, you can monetize it by promoting affiliate products.

#2 Product Placement

if you have a popular youtube channel, companies may reach you asking you to mention their site or product on your videos. of course, you can either get paid or get free stuff by doing this.

on the other hand, if you’re someone or some company, you can search for popular youtuber and ask them that you would like to have a product placed on one of their videos.


Michelle Phan on Lady GaGa Poker Face Tutorial below. if you fast forward to 1:08 of the video, you’ll see did a product placement on her video that has 32,138,842 views at the time of this wrting.

32,138,842 video views…

IMAGINE how much traffic AND SALES that video brought to

Greg Jarboe of Search engine watch did an interview with someone from and said they are making alot of traffic and millions of sales in a year from youtube. you can watch the interview below:

The best part of this is – they never paid the youtubers money. They just gave them products to use for their videos.

#3 Selling Your Products

People are into stories, “see before believing” and connection before buying something. if they are going to buy a car, they should do a test drive first. And that’s what’s great about creating videos and posting them on YouTube. 2 reasons:

  1. you get to provide a demo of your product
  2. get to tell a story
  3. connect with people
  4. get more audience reach

A Good example of companies who does a good job of selling products on youube is the guys over at Dynomighty Design. they have products like bracelets and wallets that are making over $100,000

here’s a sample on how they sell their products using youtube:

on the video below, Dynomighty talked about their success in selling their products on youtube.

Final Thoughts

The Possibilities on making money with YouTube are endless. You just have to learn how to properly market and connect with your audience.

if you have any comments/questions or would like me to add something on this post, use the comment form below.


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