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one of the Greatest advice elie could give especially to bloggers is to get a very reliable web host to host their blogs. most of the time, People who is new to blogging often gets confused on choosing the right web host. and don’t get me wrong here – There are alot of things you should consider when Finding the right web host.

  1. the Price
  2. How it’s being rated by other users
  3. it’s platform
  4. the available amount of disk space
  5. The number of domains that you can host in it
  6. the Bandwidth limitation
  7. Customer support rating

one of the biggest mistake elie made when he first started blogging is he chose the wrong web host.  it turned out, it wasn’t very reliable, the customer support sucks and they even got his sites un-accessible for almost 2 weeks.

The good news

I found a really cool website where you don’t have to go through all this trouble anymore. a Site which provides the best guide on Web-host related topics.

4 cheap web hosting‘s Top web hosting list

a complete list of  some of the best and affordable web-hosting services around. 4 cheap web hosting made an extraordinary list comparing the top 8 best web hosting providers around. the list are based on their user-ratings, Price and Features.

if you’re looking for a web host, there’s no need to go all through the trouble anymore. all you’ll need to do is browse over to 4 cheap web hosting’s Top web hosting list.


  1. choosing a right hosting partner is very critical for blogging success, heard lots of stories where people lost thier value data due to choosing a bad hosting company, one should always trust on big names of hosting business.

  2. true. so it is better to choose hosting partner..


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