List of 43 Internet marketing terms and their Acronyms

2 years ago When I was just starting my business online, I came across different terms that I saw on blogs, websites and ebooks related to internet marketing and had no clue on what they are and what they mean. I remembered having a though time on understanding different Acronyms such as “SEO”, “ROI”, “PPC”, “CPC” etc… I remembered the times I had to Google those terms and never found answers. and would have to ask on the comment area about it.

last night I figured it would be great if I write a list of the acronyms used as internet marketing terms and I was surprised that I was able to write 43 of them and here they are:

Internet marketing terms and Acronyms

  1. AD = Advertisement, Text, Banner, Flash, Video, anything
  2. ASP = Application Service Provider
  3. CPA = Cost per Action
  4. CPC = Cost per Click
  5. CPL = Cost per Lead
  6. CPM = Cost per (Mil) Impression (1000 Impressions)
  7. CPS = Cost per Sale
  8. CR = Conversion Rate
  9. CSS = Cascading Style Sheets
  10. CTR = Click through rate/Click-Through Ratio
  11. DH = Direct Hit
  12. DRM = Dynamic Rich Media (type of Ad, technology)
  13. DRM = Digital Rights Management
  14. EPC = Earnings per Click / Earnings per 100 Clicks
  15. FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
  16. FFA = Free-For-All Link List
  17. IM = Instant Messaging
  18. MFA = Made For AdSense (Site)
  19. OPM = Outsourced (Affiliate) Program Management
  20. PFI = Pay For Inclusion
  21. PFP = Pay For Performance
  22. PPA = Pay per Action
  23. PPC = Pay per Click
  24. PPCSE = Pay Per Click Search Engine
  25. PPI = Pay Per Impression
  26. PPL = Pay Per Lead
  27. PPS = Pay Per Sale
  28. PTC= Pay to click
  29. PV = Page View
  30. ROI = Return on Investment
  31. RON = Run Of Network
  32. ROS = Run Of Site (Display Advertising)
  33. SB = Small Business
  34. SE = Search Engine
  35. SEM = Search Engine Marketing
  36. SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  37. SEP = Search Engine Positioning
  38. SERP = Search Engine Result Page
  39. SID = common (optional) URL Parameter Affiliates can use for their own tracking purposes
  40. SMO = Social Media Optimization
  41. SSI = Server Side Include
  42. USP = Unique Selling Proposition
  43. UV = Unique Visitor

if you got something to add on the list, feel free to share them.

this post will be included on the “Start a blog and make money” series.


  1. It is really impressive list. I’ve always wondered what some acronyms mean but we are lucky and google is always here to help, and it is good to have this list all in one place. It is interesting that are so similiar acronyms meaning a lot things that are not even connected with some similarities.

    Nice list.. :)

  2. I would definitely add CPV (Cost Per View) and PPV (Pay Per View). These both refer to contextual traffic (pop up/under ads). This would make the count at 45 instead of 43 as well!

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