List Building: Why build an Email list for my blog?

from my last post about list building, I’ve talked about how to make money from an email list and how important list building is in terms of making money online. today, I’ve decided to show you the *Great* benefits that you can get out of building an email list. (just in case that you are not convinced enough) :-D

by saying the words – “building an email list”  I am not talking about 5 or 50 people, I’m talking about an email list that’s built with over 1,000 – 10,000,000 Subscribers. (since with this kind of list, you’re definitely on your way to the Dot com lifestyle.)

if you have a blog and you’re one of those bloggers who do not make an effort to capture their visitor’s email address, – then you’re making a HUGE mistake.

List Building is a form of Repeated business online

I bet you already know that you can already make a good profit out of list building but what you don’t realize is it’s ideal if you are looking for a long term income online. and when you say long term income, this means Repeated business.

Repeated business is the type of business that you should go after. A restaurant can’t survive with first time customers only. the same goes to any other business.  Blogging is a REAL business and if you treat it just like a game, then you’re more likely become one of  the 90% of bloggers out there who never makes $100 from their blogs.

having an email list gives you “the power” to email your subscribers anytime you want. this means you can continuously send them your affiliate links, offers, or basically send them your recent blog post which will often send your blog traffic.

I’m not surprised that famous marketers like John Reese would often refer to his list as his atm. he would Just send a single email to them whenever he needs to make a withdraw (which is not very surprising to me since John has over 100,000 people in his list)

You can make money even while you sleep

if you are using a service like aweber, then one of the features that you probably heard about is it’s Autoresponder. with it, you can choose to automatically deploy and schedule emails based on date, time and order you want your “Automatic emails” to be sent to your subscribers. thus, giving you the chance to do the whole marketing easily and automatically. this is also referred to as a sales funnel. 

you would probably know me from my blog but what you don’t know is I also make good money from my other sites which is purely based on List building and email marketing.

below is a screen shot of the Autoresponder series (follow-up messages) that I send to all my subscribers on one of my other sites which is on the golfing niche.

with aweber‘s Autoresponder feature, I have the chance to make money almost automatically By setting up these Series of Follow-up messages. All I need to do is drive traffic to the site, get People to opt-in my Mailing list and wait for the sales to come in.

it improves your RSS count

Email marketing softwares like aweber has this cool feature where you can integrate your aweber subscriber count to your Feedburner Feedcount. this is a good feature to have especially to your blog. if you have a big RSS count, ad-networks and advertisers will take you and your blog a lot more seriously. not to mention, The bigger your RSS count is, the more you’ll look good on the blogging world.

there are many other benefits that list building can give to you and your website. if you do it properly, there’s a good chance that list building could be the answer to the dot com dream you’ve always wanted to achieve.

The key to making lots of money online is to drive lots of traffic to your site and then maximize the income that you are receiving from that traffic. and the best way to do that is by building an email list using the best email marketing software around. on another post, I will be talking more about list building and maybe come up with a good list building tutorial for you.


  1. I’m using AWeber as well, and I’m using PopUp Domination to build my list. Building a list is very important, but I never promote anything directly to my list. I always write quality content (or at least I try) and I add a link to a review I have done for a product at the bottom (in the signature). I earn money if they read my review (on and then buy the product.

    First, when I started to build my list all I did was send sales messages, and people lost interest and I lost a lot of subscribers this way.


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