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if you’re not a regular at this blog, you’ll probably come across this post by googling “keyword winner Clickbank receipt number” (or any other related terms) I’m personally writing this post for search engines so I’m expecting you to come from google or any other search engine.

I would like to start this post by saying, I’m sorry to disappoint you and that the keyword winner clickbank receipt number is not here. I’ve never purchase the product and if I ever did – I have no intention of sharing it. Why? I’ll tell you that later. :-)

What is Keyword winner?

Keyword winner is a keyword research tool slash WordPress plugin that you could easily install on your wordpress blog. the tool is sophisticated enough that you had to enter your clickbank receipt number first before you could even use the plugin.

keyword winner is a tool that will suggest related keyword titles (that’s good for SEO) while you’re writing a blog post.

Why keyword titles?

the ones that Search engines gives the most weight (in terms of ranking a site) are the page titles, so the better your Titles are Search engine optimized, the better rankings you’ll get.

if you know something about SEO, you probably understand by now that the most common Keywords you would want to avoid are the keywords with High competition and the ones which don’t get searched at all and that The secret on increasing blog/website traffic and getting a high Search engine Rankings fast is to Target Trending and low competition keywords.

don’t know how to do that? don’t worry. I’ve written an SEO guide about it. the only problem is, Finding these kinds of keywords takes time and sometimes, it’s better to automate the process. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save time? right? :-)

Keyword winner is exactly the kind of tool you need that will Help you Find these keywords with Ease. and I bet this tool makes guerilla bloggers very happy. this plugin automatically gets data from Google and will show up inside your wordpress dashboard each time you make a new post. all you’ll have to do is choose from the Keywords that the tool will suggest you use.

if you want to see the plugin in action, checkout their site’s sales page.

keyword winner review and features

Why I won’t share the Clickbank receipt number

first of all, since I didn’t purchase the product (yet), I don’t have a clickbank receipt number to give you.

second, I think it’s unfair for Dan Lew. :-)

3rd, if everybody would be using this plugin, Then what’s the whole point of buying the plugin anyway?

I mean, Think about it… if all the bloggers are using keyword winner then keyword winner would be useless after all. the main purpose of keyword winner is to give a “competitive edge” over your Search engine competition. but what if ALL your competitors are using the plugin like you? there’s no way you’ll get the “competitive edge” you’re looking for won’t you? ;-P lol.

checkout the product’s sales page to learn more about this plugin.

Keyword Winner

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