Internet Marketing really is a numbers game

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It’s amazing how many people struggle when it comes to internet marketing. A lot give it a go for a couple months and then just give up if there not seeing the huge profits that are normally promised by a variety of ebooks online.

A lot of people will probably make one or two sites, promote them and then feel de-motivated when they see those sites only make $10 or $20 a month. However, if you see your website is making that much per month it simply means your on the right track.

Too many people just want a lot of money and they want quickly therefore they will look at that $20 and feel like they need to do something else. However, it all depends on your way of thinking. Internet marketing is actually quite a simple numbers game.

If you are making $20 a month from just one website then why not make another ten or even hundred similar sites. One hundred sites making $20 a month is $2000 per month and that’s enough to live on for most people.

The reality is that you probably wont even need to build 100 sites to get to that figure as you can simply work more on a smaller number of sites, adding pages and driving traffic to them which will make those sites make a lot more per month.

Once you know how you can make one site make you $100 a month then all you have to do is repeat that 9 more times to hit $1000 a month passive income.

Just remember that it takes time and it wont happen overnight, websites are like wine in that grow better with age so even if your site is only making a small amount now as it ages it will get more natural organic traffic from Google.

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  1. hello hubman. (what’s your real name?) lol

    I agree with you. people would just quit if they’re seeing no results. what’s more surprising though is when they finally do see the results (even at the lowest point) they would just quit. what they don’t know is that when a site specifically a blog, generates around $50 a month, is that they’re actually doing better than 90% of other blogs out there.

    The best thing to do probably is to set little goals ie: if you’re making $0 a month, target getting $20 a month, and when you finally reach the $20 a month, try targeting $50 until you finally achieve the desired amount you want to make.

  2. $20/mo? well, at least it pays the rent, isn’t it?

    because it made some motivation on me when i saw that i am really earning. i had $5 way back then.

  3. absolutely, in any engagement we do, there must be a positive goal we aim..

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