Inactivity Due to Money Making Reasons

I just wanted to make a quick Press about the stuffs that had been happening to me and the site right now. There had been inactivity on the blog during the past couple of days even though I had a perfect new blog design and said that I’m now more motivated to blog more. but due to the reasons I outlined below,  I haven’t been able to do too much blogging.

I can say that I had been experiencing a really crazy week. (but a REALLY good one.)

First of all, I’m in the midst of selling a Really cool Website I made for an organization. Since it’s their organization’s website (the domain is actually named after their org’s name), they got REALLY interested to buy it from me. it’s a Membership site running on wordpress and had been installed with lots of cool scripts. not only that, it already has over one hundred registered members. not much, but it’s been quite an accomplishment for me. I currently price the site for $300 and if everything goes to plan, I’ll be able to make good money this month. :-)

The next reason sounds a bit like slavery but all Good since I’m able to make some more money this month. I’ve been Hired by a Famous internet marketer that I can’t mention the name here yet. but for now, let’s call him… Mr. S. =D (Famous, in a way that I think of him that way… lol.)

What’s even more cool about this is that I’m not the one who Found  Mr S. – Mr. S was the one who Found and hired me. :-D now, I can’t go and tell too much detail about my services for him but all I can say is – He pays good. :-)

Mr. S is an Affiliate marketer who sets up tons of cool affiliate sites everyday. Basically, he hired me to help him Market all the sites he sets up. So far, I’m really happy and enjoy working with Mr S. and don’t know how long I’ll be doing this. I’ve been learning a lot of Really advanced stuff from him and looking forward to learn more.

of course, I never forget about this blog and one thing that had been keeping me busy the past couple of months is the Ebook I’m currently writing. (I’ve been working on it for almost half a Year!) I can’t tell for now the exact time that it’ll be finished but when it does, I’m sure everyone who visits Elie Palima Dot Com would really love it! :-)

I have also lots of cool post ideas that are currently on the drafts right now. I’m going to publish it when I have the time.

that’s about all the stuffs that had been keeping me busy. as you can see, I’ve been bombarded with lots of projects this month. While I’m still not close to what the Top Money Making blogs are Earning, The important thing is, I enjoy doing this and it’s something That I’m sure that even the ‘gurus’ would Agree with. :-) How about you? any projects? let me know.. :-)


  1. I think I prefer doing “inactivity” due to money making reasons instead of inactivity doing nothing :)

  2. wahh, if that person pay you well, i believe he is good marketer.

    share with us who is that person…

  3. cikgufaezah says:

    yahh, many people busy and keep busy everyday. Might be we should do something about that. So, that we not effect our blogging job.

  4. Good luck man! I myself have been busy with consulting and some client work plus my day job. But I try to post at least once a week.

    More power…

  5. atleast, even in your inactive but atleast your making money, rather than doing nothing at all that;s not productive,. come to think of it, it is not inactive at all..:)

  6. Mabuhay ang Pinoy. Ma-diskarte!


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