I just Created my first WordPress blog. What’s next?

have you just Started your first blog and you keep on wondering what to do next? well, it’s one of the common problems new bloggers face for the first time they created their first wordpress blog. and for those who are just starting out their first blogging business, it takes them a whole book to learn these simple things.

That’s why I’ve written this posts. to provide a simple checklist for new bloggers who are just starting out their blogs. a checklist which if they’ve done everything written here, They can now just focus only on Generating content, marketing their blogs and of course – Make lot’s of money from it! =D

Get a Google account

Google accounts is truly a god send for all internet marketers and bloggers. without this tool, the internet marketing lifestyle wouldn’t be so much easier. if you don’t have a google account yet, be sure to sign up for one.

here are the main reasons why you should sign up for a google account. Make sure you have these Google services installed in your google account:

1. Burn your feed with Feedburner

be sure you burn your blog’s RSS feed with feed burner. if you’re running a wordpress blog, your blog feed address by default is http://www.yourblogname.com/feed (change ‘yourblogname’ to the actual blog url.)

the reason why I’m telling you this is for feedburner. on the first time you’re going to sign up for a feedburner account, Feedburner will ask you about your blog-feed address. and that’s what you’re suppose to give to them.

2. Set up your Google Analytics account

Google analytics is by far the best web tracking tool available online and it’s probably one of my most favorite google products ever. it will track your site’s stats like the number of your website visitors, where your audience are from, your biggest traffic sources, top keywords that brings the most traffic to your site and quite frankly a whole lot of information regarding to the activity of your website.

Google analytics is not just a tracking tool. there are more Features in it that you should be able to discover by trying it out yourself. but if you’re just starting a blog, I don’t recommend you to focus in it too much. the reason behind this is because you can get addicted to checking out your blog’s stats too much and actually forgetting about your blog.

3. Gmail

Gmail is probably the best choice when it comes to Email accounts. it’s very easy to use! you can also promote more of your brand by creating a POP3 email account and integrating it with gmail.

4. webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools is mainly used by website owners for SEO purposes. Sign up on google’s webmaster tools, Add your website and Provide the xml sitemap of your site. (you can easily create an xml sitemap for your site by using a plugin called Google sitemap generator.)

you should also Set-up your Preferred domain using webmaster tools. I explained how to do it on one of my posts – “6 Seo tips to create a search engine friendly blog

5. adsense (optional)

if you want to make money online, you might find your success on Pay-per-click sites like the infamous Google adsense.

if you haven’t heard about adsense – What this program does is that it places Contextual ads relevant to what you’re blogging about. you make money each time one of your visitors clicks on these ‘ads’. so, if you’re looking for an easy way to start making money by blogging, google adsense is probably the easiest way to start.

Create a Sitemap For your site

Creating a sitemap for a site is probably the hardest thing to do specially if your blog already has hundreds of posts. But thanks to two wordpress plugins, Creating a sitemap for your wordpress blog has never been so much easier.

to create a sitemap for your site, install these two Plugins on your blog, follow the rest of their instructions and you’ll be good to go. (install Google xml sitemap first)

Get a Paypal account

a paypal account is very important especially if you’re into making money online. Almost 80% of my online earnings are paid via paypal and 97% of the time, I make my purchases using paypal instead of my credit card. paypal in my opinion is by far the most Secure and easiest way to send or receive money online. and I just can’t imagine anyone trying to make money on the internet without having a single Verified paypal account.

Make your Blog Search engine friendly

While having a Google friendly theme Like the Ultimate blogging theme could make your blog the most search engine friendly blog on the internet, There are still loads of ways that you can do to Improve your off-site optimization by following some of my SEO tips to make your blog even more seo friendly.

Create Pages for your blog

while Frequently creating blog posts to your blog is crucial, you should also take in consideration adding these simple pages on your blog’s nav-bar. if you still have no idea how to do it, Check out this video. inside the video, I’ve talked about creating pages and navbar items using the ultimate blogging theme and wordpress menus. WordPress menus is a recently added feature by wordpress. if you want to learn more about using wordpress menus checkout this video tutorial by Don campbell.


1. Create an About me page

Readers would love to know a little information about you. it will generate trust and would also build relationship along the way – which is one of the whole point of blogging. to build connections!

on your about page, write something about yourself, about the blog, and basically anything that describes you and your blog.

2. Contact Page

let your readers know that you’re accessible. on your contact page, Provide ways to let people contact you.

3. advertise page (optional)

very Important if you like to sell private advertising on your blog. an advertise page makes it easy for potential advertisers to buy advertising spots on your blog. you can also make selling ad-spots on your blog a whole lot easier by installing useful plugins like OIO publisher which automates the process.

Get a Customized Logo Design

Getting a Customized Logo design for your blog is just as important as using a WordPress premium theme. both of them plays a major part on a blog’s branding. if you’re one of those ‘gifted artists’ who can crop good looking images on photoshop, then it’s a good idea to create a logo design for your blog.

However, if your like me – I suck at creating beautiful images. you can simply outsource it. The quickest, cheapest and easiest way to do this is through a service that the friends over at logonerds is offering. They create Brilliant logo design for a very affordable prize. if you’re looking to save a little bit of time and want a cool logo for your blog, logo nerds is a good choice to go. for under $40, you can get your own customized logo design.


  1. Jeff pangan says:

    hello elie. it’s good to see that you’re finally back after a whole month without posting. you make a good point about creating paypal accounts. internet marketers or not, I think everyone should have a paypal account.

  2. Very clear.
    I’m always creating wordpress blog for my client and somehow it’s getting easier day by day. WordPress blog is cool and easy. I enjoy working with it. And your article just gave me more ideas.

  3. Your logo is great. I use the same theme with you. I like this Google friendly wordpress theme.
    And your layout is nice. Thanks for the “what’s next” suggestion.
    Maybe I should think about “Get a Customized Logo Design”.

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