I Get Searched in Google. (lol)

Ever since I’ve learned so much about WordPress and SEO, it has became one of my ‘hobbies’ to play around with google’s Keyword tool. I would often do a little keyword research for one of my minisites and blog posts. since I was bored and can’t think of anything to do, I decided to type my name on the keyword box.

to my surprise, a Result came up showing that my name “elie palima” was getting searched 70+ times globally on google every month! this is very surprising to me since I don’t expected people would be searching for “my name” *lol

What’s More interesting though is that Google says that the related keywords for “elie palima” are keywords like “blogging for profit”, “how to blog for money” and other more keywords related to blogging and money.

(Click image to see full size)

I don’t know why people are searching for me, but it sure feels good to be – “searched” :-D

if you’re one of those who’s searching for me, – Keep searching for me! ;-)

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