How to Write a Killer and irresistible blog Content

killer One of the best ways on gaining HUGE traffic to a blog is by writing a fresh, irresistible, juicy, (you get the idea) content on your blog. having a killer content on your blog generates lots of new visitors and brings attention to other bloggers (even the big ones). which means, it’s the best opportunity on getting backlinks from other bloggers and attract more visitors to stay longer and keep them coming back to your blog.

What is a killer blog content?

Valuable information visitors on your blog can’t resist on reading and recommending it to others.  Someone even called it “the best traffic generation strategy ever”. it is very reliable and it gives you a hundred percent back on the time you spent. there’s no telling where it can bring you.

here are five main strategies (you might still not realized yet) on how you can write killer content on your blog.

1. Write a “list post”

list posts are the most “reader friendly” post on a blog and they are amazingly very easy to write so you have a great advantage when creating these types of posts. to give you a better view about this here are some examples of list posts I’ve written on this blog.

examples of list posts:

4 best ways to make money online for free

five things to do when you have nothing to blog about

10 Steps to the perfect list posts

10 reasons why top list posts are great to read and write

now that you  got the idea, it’s time to write the killer content with your list post!

2. Write a “how to” post

how to posts are as much as popular as “List” posts. but they take much more time to write rather than a list post. Most people prefers reading a “how to” post because they tend to learn something. what could be better than giving them what they need? people are googling for these.. “how to make money online”, “how to cook pancakes” etc..

in terms of readership, it is WAY better to read a “how to post” if it’s a step by step instruction, a good example of this is what they do at ehow.

3. Write a “controversial post”

“controversial” posts are meant not only to provoke controversies, but  also tends to expose the truth. A “controversial” post is remarkable content, so your blog will not be invisible anymore once you start using this cool strategy. Such posts usually not only get lots of back-links, but also receive massive comments as they tend to provoke debate.

examples of controversial posts:

“1 man’s blog sells for $15 million dollars!”

“Kelly felix bankrupt? What a Jerk!”

“five Reasons why Hostazar’s hosting sucks”

“Goodbye Google adsense”

“britney spears goes bald” (something like that)

4. Include a Video inside your posts

there is no doubt that making a video is the best content your blog could ever have.. Videos shares a more detailed message to your visitors unlike posts you wrote by hand.. The only problem with video-blogging are the “technical stuffs” such as editing your video.. it takes alot of time doing it specially if you are new to video editing. but yeah, you can always hire someone to do it for you (if you have the budget).

5. Include an Image

pictures says a thousand words. Make it a habit to always put an image on every post you make. not only does it attract readers to read your posts, but it also “beautifies” your blog. here’s a tip: consider adding a keyword for the image’s title.

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  2. hey thanks, I’m glad you liked it.. but I think you wouldn’t need this anymore since you already have a “killer writing skills“.. :-)

  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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  6. I like the list post like what Darren Rowse have told me in his 31 Days to Build A Better Blog workbook.

    I also love the controversial content because it could boost more comment. In fact I submit a guest to SmartBloggerz dot com entitled “Content vs Marketing which is King?” and it really hit the pride of every blogger out there. It is surely a controversial article.

    Thanks for sharing a good article dude. I will often visit your site.

  7. Awesome post!

    And the Is this possible? post by Carl Ocab is a post you’ll really get curious about.

    Probably “Asking a Question” is counted :D

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