How to use FTP and Install a WordPress theme

The 5th step of the coaching series – “Start a blog and make money” a video is available for you to watch below.

After you had successfully installed WordPress blogging platform on your domain, now is the time to install a good looking theme. and we are going to need an FTP software for this.

there are lots of good FTP softwares around but I personally use Core FTP Lite. it’s a free software available for download so there’s no need to worry…

you can download it here: or just simply search on google for the keyword “core ftp”.

FTP softwares btw are softwares used to upload files from your computer to your desktop or vice-versa, download files from your website to your computer.

anyways, after you had successfully downloaded the file, install it on your computer and you’re good to go. ;)

Open up the file and this is what you’ll see:

Just type in the required information. all you’ll need to fill up are the site name, host/ip/url, username and password area. after that’s done just hit hit connect and you’re ready to upload a theme for your website.

on the video I’m going to show you, I used the Ultimate blogging theme as The example theme that we will be using for this tutorial. if you don’t have the UBT yet, I recommend you getting one since it’s the best theme I found online so far, and good price too!

you can however download a Free WordPress theme just about anywhere on the net by simply google-ing it. but I would always recommend the ultimate blogging theme for you to use since it’s very user and google friendly plus it looks good so you might as well get one. ;)

Check out UBT here:

after that’s done, Watch the video below on how to install a wordpress theme using ftp:

here’s a full screen version of the video:


here’s a summary of what I did to install the theme:

  1. downloaded core ftp
  2. installed core ftp and configured it on my computer
  3. downloaded a theme (in this case, I used “UBT” ultimate blogging theme)
  4. Uploaded UBT to – public_html/wp-content/themes directory
  5. Logged in wordpress control panel by typing “
  6. Activated UBT on my wordpress control panel

after you had successfully installed a blogging theme on your blog, now is the time to get to know about how to use wordpress a little bit. which I am going to talk about on the next lesson on how to start a blog and make money.


  1. Do you know any other site offering the Ultimate Blogging Theme for free? :(

    I need it really badly for my blog :D


    • Actually, just got it today FOR FREE after spending hours searching for it in Google :)

      I’m so happy I didn’t have to spend money for it :D

      • Cool. You just told The Whole world that you’ve just downloaded Carl ocab’s theme Illegally. lols.

        • I don’t really think it’s illegal. I mean, I didn’t make use of any bots or hacks or so. Anyway, I respect your opinion. I think it is very unfair for others too.

          • you should pay for it.. :-P it’s a good product you know. and what are you talking about? it’s completely illegal.. it’s just like you’re stealing from carl ocab.

  2. Hmm.. I kinda get your point.

    Anyway, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

    As long as you didn’t hack or won’t abuse it, it’s not considered illegal. Plus, do I have to contact Carl and say, I downloaded the UBT for free. Now I’m going to pay it.

    Again, I do respect your opinion and I hope you would respect mine too.


    • well, I sure hope you do pay for it. :-)

      if I’m not mistaken, I remember it to be a $97 product, and you’re currently using it FOR FREE… well, that sounds very ‘un-illegal’ to me…

      oh, and yeah. That’s a good idea. you should definitely tell carl about it. just to clear your conscience up a bit. lols

      btw, What I said was not an opinion, those were facts. and yeah it’s totally unfair for others who paid for the theme.

      I guess that’s what separates the good guys from the ‘bad’ lols.

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