How to Register a Domain name

This is the first step on our Free coaching Videos on how to start a blog and make money. the video on how to Register a domain name is below. but first a little info about buying your domain.

The first step you have to do when starting a blog or a website is to register a domain name. domain names are simply a “name” for a website with the extensions “.com, .net , .info , .org , etc..” although there are many possible extensions to choose from The First choice you should consider is having a “.com” website because it’s simply the most popular domain extensions that are people are used to.

having you’re own domain name makes your blog look more professional, advertisers will take you more seriously  and it it’ll be much easier for you to “Brand yourself”.

Note that you do not have to be a company or organization to register a domain name. Any individual can do it too. if you have your blogs running on, wordpress.COM and the likes, you should consider buying your own domain.

Importance of a Domain name

there are numbers of good reasons for having a domain name

  • People EASILY remembers the name of your website. if you have a company or a business, and you used the name of your company’s name as your domain name, people will usually know what website they have to go, for example.. “mcdonalds Dot com, etc..”
  • makes your blog look more professional
  • advertisers take you more seriously

Choosing a domain Registrar For your site

here are stuffs you should consider to look for when choosing the right domain registrar for your website:

how much they charge for the domain

if they charge you more than $12 a year for 1 domain (and nothing else) that cost too much. consider looking for someone else and run away.

How Good is their customer support

do they have those instant chat thingy? do they respond to your questions fast and briefly?

Step by step instructions on how to buy a domain name In video:

this is the video I made on how to register a domain name at the most popular and most reliable domain registrar on the internet today.

Please bear with me though.. this is my first ever video tutorial that I did *while speaking..* I can say that it’s not half bad.. but tottally amteur.. :D

nwei.. enjoy the video:

How To Register a Domain name | start a blog and make money Coaching Videos step 1

Stuffs mentioned in the video:

  • Using paypal to make a purchase online
  • Godaddy $7.49 Discount. Coupon code: cjc749fat (expires 2/28/2010)
  • Grab the Latest Godaddy coupon codes at :

Watch out for the next coaching video on How to start a blog and make money.  the second step will be hosting your new domain.

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