How To Pick a Niche and Check if it’s profitable

I would like to share with you a short video That I found on youtube which is very helpful when it comes to picking the right niche market especially for people who are just starting out on internet marketing.

The idea is to get to know yourself and what you’re passionate about. in the video, they surveyed about 5 people and asked these questions:

if you were to write an article at your favorite magazine… what would it be?

Do you think you could write a lot of content about it?

When I first started blogging, I really didn’t care about SEO, Analyzing my competition, or even think about if the niche I am blogging about and the products I am actually affiliated with is profitable. and to tell you the truth, back then I really didn’t know about any of them either. :P

I have no knowledge about SEO, Analytics and heck. I didn’t even Care even if I make money from the blog or not. all I did was, splat Google ads in it,  write something useful related to the topic and post on the blog frequently.

one of my first blogs ever (Neobux basics) is the blog I’m talking about. it’s a solid proof that any niche you pick as long as you are passionate about the topic, Chances are it will be Profitable.

Over time I learned about keyword research and SEO, implemented it on Neobux basics and the next thing I know, I was generating around 100 visitors daily and was making about $10 a month from that blogspot blog alone. it’s not much but it’s still worth as an extra gas money on my pocket. plus I get to learn from it and implement what I’ve learned on My main blog, :)

you can say that I just got lucky, since the niche I was talking about had no competitors at the time and it was really easy Ranking on the search engines for my keywords. and I can’t imagine why.. :D

now, Neobux basics is almost dead, I’m trying to revive it by posting at least once or twice a month. but still, I’m very proud of it since it’s my first blog ever and I learned many things from it along the way.

How To Find a niche

First of all, you should follow what is said on the video above… and like you’ve seen on the video, ask yourself these questions… (I only add up question #2)

1. if you were to write on a magazine.. what would it be? and do you think you can write a lot about it?

2. Are you willing to do it for free??? if the answer is yes, then you had found the topic.

“people who only blogs for money seldom succeeds”

Pick a Good keyword

grab a piece of paper and think about phrases “keywords” that you think people will type in google or other search engines to find your website or blog.

when you finish writing about 3-6 main keywords, proceed to the next step.

How to Check if a niche is profitable

like I said before, I think almost every niche is profitable… as long as you enjoy blogging about it, then you’re probably be well on your way from making money from your niche. However, to be really certain that the niche is profitable, you have to be sure that there is a DEMAND for it on the “market” the internet market. here are 4 ways to do it.

Check if There are People Searching For it

use google adword keyword tool  and check if the main keywords for your niche is actually getting enough searches.

Adword tool:

if you see over a hundred thousand searches for it, then it’s a good sign that the niche is profitable.

Check The keyword Competition

like what I said above, my neobux PTC niche had been profitable for me since the competition back then was very low. The lower the competition, the higher chance you will make profit on a given niche.

Pick a keyword / niche for which the competition is high, then there’s a small chance to make money from your niche.

Go to and search for your keywords. then look how many people are talking about it. if there are over 20 million results with it, it’s one of the signs that there’s a huge competition going on with the niche…

for example, if I type in the keyword “make money online” (a very good keyword by the way, lots of advertisers, million searches a month, but the downside is… it’s too saturated. too much competition already.)

the keyword “make money online” has over 151,000,000 people talking about it. and it’s a bad sign

if you probably haven’t noticed yet, this blog of mine is on the “make money online niche” which is a very competitive niche.  not only the niche it self but also the keyword itself, “make money online” is a very though keyword to rank well for.. me being stubborn as ever, I tend to stick to the niche and get on with it. even if there’s a lot of competition. :)

Use a tool to help you out

a great thing about this is that there are actually tools that I found to handle these kinds of stuffs and it’s the SEO elite an the keyword elite softwares by brad callen. there are more tools available online but these tools had proved itself to people.

(I haven’t used them though, But I heard many great things about the product) I’m planning to buy one in the future, but for now, I’ll handle things “manually” lols.

Check if there are Potential Advertisers

go to and once again, search for your main keywords. Check if there are any advertisers.

if you type in “get rich quick” or “make money online”  you’ll see many advertisers bidding for those keywords.

this a good sign… but still alot of competition.

Check if there’s a product to promote as an affiliate

Go to or paydotcom, and browse on their market place. and take a look if there are potential products that you can promote related to your niche.


  1. Good tips about finding a good profitable niche. I learned Niche Marketing from Adam of Niche Profit Blueprint.

    In fact he shared a video to me how to find profitable keywords for the benefit of your blogging business.

    Then I want to share it to you. Come have a visit on my blog.

    I also have a neobux account before. In fact I made my first dollar from neobux.

  2. Thank you,thank you for the great tips on how to pick a profitable niche.For now I am doing some niche website.This is very useful to me.


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