How To Make Your First $1 Online

disclaimer:This content had been published long ago. and, some portions of it might be already inaccurate/outdated. (but can still be useful if you’re just starting out with PTC)

they say that if you want to make a fortune using the internet, you’ve got to work on making that first dollar above everything else.

No one has ever made a million dollars in sales without generating $1 first.

It doesn’t matter what your income goals are.  The sooner you make your first dollar, the faster you will reach your income goals.

– John Reese

Today, I’ve decided to come up with a really short and simple tutorial to do just that. so if you’re looking for a way to make that first dollar or at least want to have an extra gas money in your pocket, then this guide is worth a read.

warning signWarning: the method you’re about to see will Cost you nothing, Really simple and VERY EASY. in fact, I think even a Cave man can do this. You may also think of this method as a SCAM because of it’s simpleness. but I can prove to you that it’s NOT A SCAM whatsoever. in fact, I, (and many others) had been paid lots of time already. (I’ll provide some payments proofs later) Continue reading and follow the step by step instructions below if you’re interested.

before we get started, let’s make sure you have the following requirements first:

  1. paypal account (this where the payments will be sent)
  2. email address (for confirming your registration)
  3. computer (only one computer per account may join this site. you MAY get banned if you use multiple accounts using a single computer so make sure that if you’re going to be registering on this site, You’re the only person using THAT computer.)
  4. internet connection (obviously)
  5. That’s it!

Step 1: Creating your account

if you’ve got everything mentioned above, Then it’s time to create you’re account. The website that I’m talking about is Neobux. Click here to register on the website. once you’re there, click on the Registration link found on the site’s nav bar and fillup the short form that you’ll see there.

Sample form:Registration form of neobux

1. username – They’re going to ask this each time you log in to your account and this name is the name that will appear every time you post content on the neobux forum.

2. Password: pretty obvious. this one is used to protect your account! create something that’s easy to remember but hard to crack.

3. password Confirmation: they ask this in case you misspelled your password

4. paypal /alertpay email: this is where they’ll be sending your payments. if you don’t have one yet, you can just enter your personal email instead then register on one of the sites later.

5. Birth year: the year you were born. (this will be ask in case you forgot your password)

6. Verification code: mostly used to confirm if you’re human and not a robot. all you’ll have to do is type in the text that you’ll be seeing on the image they’ll be providing for you.

7. Check box: tick on the checkbox if you agree to their terms of service (I bet no body reads this. but if you haven’t read it yet, you can read it afterwards. it’s really important that you read their terms to avoid getting banned from their site.)

once you’ve successfully filled up that form, all you’ll have to do now is hit continue and then check your email (the one you’ve used to register) then click on the verification code that they’ve emailed you.

after that, you can now log-in to your account and start making money with the site.

Step 2: making money with the site

1. log-in your account. once you’re logged-in, Click on “view advertisement”

2. inside that page, Click on one ‘advertisement’

Note: click only one ad at a single time.

3. once you’ve done that, a new tab appears showing you the ‘ad’

Important: notice that there’s a timer on each ad you’re currently be viewing. it’s important that you wait for that timer to ‘load’

4. once you’ve completed the previous step, you’ll be able to see a check mark stating that you’ve been credited for viewing the advertisement.

5. Keep on viewing the rest of the remaining ads till you reach the maximum available ads of the day!

6. Click on your username (located at the top right area of the page) to see how much you’ve earned so far. and that’s basically it.

How to make your first $1 doing this

I hope by the time that you’re reading this text, you’ve already done the steps mentioned above. I also hope that you love making money with that site for the first time as much as I did almost 3 years ago. as you can see, The process is really simple. you click ads, you make money.

I can guarantee that there will ALWAYS be a minimum of 4 available ads that you can click EVERY 24 hours (check your click reset time). which means, if you’re going to click all your available ads regularly, you’ll make your first $1 in just 25 days.

Remember: if you can make a dollar online, then you can make a billion! ;-)

as promised, Here are some of the latest Payment proofs I’ve received from neobux. all Payments were sent to my Paypal account *Instantly*. (the screenshot is from my history log):

you can see more Payment proofs made to millions of members by visiting their forums.

Make More Money By Referring People to join you

Neobux also works pretty much like affiliate marketing where They will give you a unique ‘affiliate link’ that you can use to promote their site then make money each time your ‘referral’ clicks on an ad. once you’re registered, you can get your affiliate link here (make sure you’re logged-in though).

View neobux’s Help page to learn more about referrals and making money from them.

unlike most people who shows ‘fake payment proofs’ claiming they make lots of money on the site, I can prove to you that I’m Pretty good at referring people too which led me to make more money from Neobux. below is a screen shot of my Direct referral history log.

What not to do

1. Creating mutiple accounts – When you’re excited, you may get carried away by creating multiple accounts. I’m warning you right now because when you do this, you’ll get suspended on the site, lose your account or worst – get banned forever.

Neobux has one of the most sophisticated ‘anti-cheat’ technology on the net and they do a very good job at catching ‘cheaters’. many have tried doing this but so far, failed.

2. Promoting neobux too early – you may RENT referrals as soon as you can but you won’t be able to acquire DIRECT REFERRALS unless you had been a neobux member for at least 30 days and had already clicked a minimum of 100 ads. (view T.O.S. for more info)

3. forgetting to click ads – this maybe one of the most common mistakes member’s make. they forget to make free money! :-) remember, everyday your ad refreshes, and the more ad you click, the more money you’ll make. besides, it only takes a few minutes to click 4 ads a day right? so there’s really no reason to be lazy or forgetful. instead, make it a habit to click all your available ads everyday.

4. not reading T.O.S. – The best way to use the site is to click ads regularly While following their terms of service. Many users have failed  to do so and got banned from the site. if I were you, I would take my time to read their terms – it’s a really short read and will help you to avoid getting suspended.

5. Quitting easily – Quitting gets you no where and would only block your success. if you believe that you can get success out of what you’re doing, I say you should Keep on doing it.

My story

Neobux is a really popular site and I know some of you who’s reading this right now already knows or at least heard of the site. in fact, I know there are members here who are WAY older than me. that’s why I decided to write down my own neobux story below. if you want to hear my story, then please keep on reading.

2 years ago when I first joined neobux, I wasn’t earning the money that I AM making today and to tell you honestly, everyone around me including my family, friends, keeps on telling me to stop using the site because they ‘thought’ that the site was scam and a waste of time. being as arrogant as I am, I wouldn’t listen to them. instead, I invested almost $500 for a membership upgrade and referral packs.

almost 8 months have past, I still haven’t got the Return of investment that I was expecting. it was until that time that I discovered: I was losing money from neobux.

the Referrals I rented were inactive, I had to spend lots of time and money to recycle them and although I had around $60 on my main balance, I would have to refrain from using it because I have to renew my Golden membership to get another shot in returning my investments.

The Last Neobux Jackpot saved me

before, neobux has a ‘jackpot game’ where you can win almost $5,000 worth of earnings every week. back then, ‘gambling’ is one of the ways to make money from the site. I never ‘gambled’ to make money my whole life before but when I saw that I was REALLY LOSING too much money and it was the LAST Jackpot that neobux will be running, I decided to give gambling a shot.

on my desperate attempt to return my investments, I bought 2008 tickets (spent all that’s remaining on my main balance) hoping to win the Last neobux jackpot. you know what? God is really kind to me and I was very fortunate to win the 7th price of the last neobux jackpot. (for some of you that’s really curious, Here’s the actual Forum post I made to claim the price. note that forum posts gets deleted on neobux from time to time which means you may not be able to view it again depending on the date today.)

I won a total of $236.36 and spent around $50-$60 for buying 2,008 jackpot tickets. I profited to almost $150 and that earning alone gave me the chance to get back everything I’ve invested, renew my golden membership 2 months in advance (as you can see from the last screen shot above) and start all over again.

My ‘make money online’ Time

Year 2010 was one of the luckiest year for me. it was an all new beginning to my make money online ventures and it was also the time that I decided to get rid of all my rented referrals and stop spending money on neobux.

All thanks to a blog about internet marketing, I was able to acquire over 1,000 Direct referrals (not much but better than average. check screen shot above for proof.) following the blogger’s tips, I was able to earn a 3 figure income using only neobux proof.

2010 was almost ending, almost 75% of my direct referrals had stop clicking ads. I also decided not to renew my golden membership anymore and go into ‘experiment mode’ to see how much money I’ll be making as a free member. so far (as a free member), I’m making a minimum of $50 a month (as I’ve shown on the screenshots above)

Year 2011, The current time I am writing this text. I am still clicking ads and making money from the site. my family, friends (those who doubt neobux before) are now active neobux clickers too and now part of my downline.

The Neobux Income

Neobux is not a get rich quick scheme. Although the earnings could be Great, (there are some who makes $2,500 per month with it) I still don’t treat it as something that I can depend on as a full time income but rather I see it as an extra income opportunity and a good way to take advantage of my internet connection.

by the way, the ‘neobux links’ here are my affiliate links which means, if you sign up using these links, I make money each time you click ads. if you do decide not to sign up under me though, that’s ok too. that means, you’ll be making money for other people as a ‘rented referral’.

Don’t Put your eggs in one Basket

There are also other legitimate sites out there just like neobux.

A good example of such sites is Clixsense. just like neobux, you also make money on clixsense every time you view advertisements. the only difference is they pay you by check every 10th day of the month. The more sites you join, the sooner you’ll make your first dollar online.

be careful joining sites like these though, most of them are scam. Join only the sites you trust. (I only trust the two)

Make Your First Dollar Today

you now have a way to make your first dollar online. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope in some way, I made you realize the big opportunity that the internet offers. I know that there are some areas that can be a little bit complicated especially if you’re new to the site. That’s why you’re welcome to ask me for any help or any question you may have. for quick responses, you can post a comment below or you can contact me via my contact form.

Sign up For Neobux | Sign up for clixsense | Get a Paypal Account


  1. I’m actually a member of this site. :-) Received lots of payment already from them (they also lowered the referral prices! – already a million Dollars paid out!)

    Your direct referrals are also outstanding! :-O

    What technique are you using? Adwords, Bidvertiser, etc.? (I’m a noob in referring)

    Thanks in advance!

    Happy *advanced* Valentine’s Day! :-)
    God bless.

  2. John Cris Ranalan says:

    Great that you have many referrals. Having a many Direct Referrals is one way to earn more. Would you share your strategy. Thank in Advance.

    • well, it’s really obvious that it’s a million dollar strategy (as I like to call it. lol) and when you take a look around the web, people are actually charging lots of money just for a ‘Referral-getting strategy” ebook guide. :P

      I would just like to inform you (or anyone who’s reading this) that I already have a pdf guide written a long time ago and can be downloaded somewhere online and better yet, it’s not for sale… it’s free. but you won’t find it on this blog or even this blog’s mailing list. so, where do you find it?? hmmm.. I forgot. lol. it’s for me to know and for you to find out! ;P

      btw, I also have a blog post cued in the drafts right now regarding the question you’ve asked. I’ve been having second thoughts on publishing it yet though. after all, it’s not finished and I’m actually kind of a busy dude nowadays.

      anyways, thanks for visiting john chris! I hope I’ll see you more here in the future.

  3. i guess, i should try back neobux. yehh, i thought it scam site but i need to re-think again about neobux.

  4. cikgufaezah says:

    never join neobux yet. But after i read your post, i guess, why not to give a try, right?

  5. QUICK MONEY says:

    the post surprised me, I though it was another way around. yeah.. neobux is legit and the minimum payout is $2.00

  6. this is really surprising. is this for a long time?

  7. I also earned free cash from NeoBux before.

  8. A better way to make money online is through Swagbucks. You can earn $1 in 25 days on Neobux? Well you can earn at least $25 in a month on Swagbucks. This month I have earned $50 from swagbucks.

    If you’re interested in joining, please shoot me an email at and I will give you my referral link.

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