Ultimate blogging theme: adding an auto scroll feature

update: no need to do this anymore. it’s now included on the 3.0.9 version of the theme. of course, if you’re using the ‘pirated’ version of the theme, feel free to use this guide as reference. :-D

The Ultimate blogging theme is a really cool wordpress theme to have. it’s one of the best wordpress based theme I’ve ever found online yet. They recently released the latest version last month and I’ve got to say the new features was quite awesome.

one Feature which I liked a lot is the “featured posts slides” that they added to the theme. you can see what I’m talking about when you visit my blog’s home page.  however, I was a little disappointed when I found out that the slides were not Auto scrolling.

Adding an Auto scroll feature would totally help a lot especially if you have lots of featured posts on display. The Numberings are not very noticeable either and that’s another reason why I’ve decided to add an auto scroll feature to the blog theme.

How to add an Auto Scroll feature on the ultimate blogging theme

What I did was I installed a simple javascript to the theme. here’s a complete step by step guide on how I did it.

1. download this file.

2. extract the zip file. after extracting the zip file, look for the file named “slide.js” and proceed to the next step.

3. open up ftp software and upload the script (slide.js) to “wp-content/themes/ubt-firstclass/ folder.

4. login to the wordpress dashboard (yourblog.com/wp-admin) and go to “editor” under the appearance tab.

5. on the ‘editor page’, go to “header or header.php” and add this code anywhere inside the <Head> tag.


  1. Thanks for this “auto scroll feature” information. I have not noticed this. It makes feature posts better, for each feature post has the chance to display on the home page. I will try to figure out how to do this.

  2. this theme is the best wordpress theme for make money online niche blog! I can’t find any other theme that can compare with this theme!


  3. this theme is the best wordpress theme for make money online niche blog! I can’t find any other theme that can compare with this theme!

  4. It may look good but trying to figure out how the HECK to buy and download the theme is next to IMPOSSIBLE!

    That stupid video on his site simply plays blah blah blah blah and starts all over again. He needs a simple BUY and DOWNLOAD button.

    • hahaha I get your point bro. anyways, The buy buttons will automatically appear once you’re in first 3 minutes of the video (I think). I too hope that carl would show the buttons more sooner. I mean, it almost looks like he’s pushing the buyers away. :-)

  5. could someone please upload v. 3.0.9? i have v. 3.0.3 but it sucks without feature posts and drop down menus. just ul to hotfile or _W_

  6. Thanks for sharing man :) But what I really would love to know is how you made the drop down menu… and I see you ads are rotating, and since ubd block ad doesn’t work anymore, what plugin is then supported by the ultimate blogging theme v 3.0.3? :) I love your site design.. please pm me, if you want to share, or write a blogpost how you did it :D

    • hello soren.

      All the ads you see on my site is handled by my handy OIOpublisher Plugin. it perfectly match the Ultimate blogging theme and makes my life very easy.

      the drop down menu can be done by going to the ‘menu option’ under ‘appearance tab’ inside the wordpress dashboard. (make sure you have the latest version of the theme though)

      anyways, thank you for complimenting my site’s layout.

  7. Hmm, this didn’t work for me – any ideas? Cheers, Leigh.

    • I checked out your site and it looks though that you’re not using UBT’s Default sliders. make sure you’re using the built in slider for this to work. good luck!

      edit: ooopss it looks though that the slider’s working fine on your site! :-)

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