How To Make Money Online (The No B.S. Guide To Do it)

According to Google, there are over 800,000+ searches for the phrase “how to make money online” The goal of this page is to share with you exactly how to do just that.

The Video below contains the no B.S. guide on how to make money online. if you want to learn how to make money online, then I recommend you checkout the video below.

Transcript + more hidden tips that are not included on the video

in this article, I am going to share with you the no B.S. guide on how to make money online.

First of all, there are dozens of ways to make money online.

In this article, I will not be covering the ways to make money online. Instead, what I will do is acually explain to you how to actually make money online.

The Formula of Making Money

To learn how to make money online, you should know the formula of making money first.

The Formula to make money is:

Leads + Offers = Money $$$

Whereas Leads are the prospective customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

And the Offers is anything that you can think of that can make you money.

Examples of offers:

  • Your own products (digital or physical)
  • Affiliate products you are promoting
  • Advertisements spots for sale on your site
  • etc… (all things that makes you money are considered as an offer.)

The Sales Funnel

let me break this down to you by introducing you to something that is called a “Sales Funnel”

How to Make Money Online: The sales funnel

1. The Sales funnel starts with traffic. Traffic is basically the number of people who are able to see any form of your online content.

  • Website
  • blog posts
  • YouTube videos
  • facebook posts

there are many ways to get traffic. The top 3 best places to get traffic is via:

  1. Google (being on the front page result for a keyword)
  2. Facebook (because people like your content, they share it and it gets viral via facebook)
  3. youtube (same explanation like facebook and google)

2. The Lead capture mechanism is something that you use to get the traffic (visitor’s) information.

  • can be an optin page where you collect their email address
  • can also be a free membership site where they are asked to sign up (good examples are social networking sites and forums)

Tip: an easy way to get information from your visitors is by giving away a free incentive like an ebook that they can download in exchange for signing up to your site or email list

3. After you “captured” their information, they become prospective customers or Leads.

4. A series of follow up emails that provides value to your leads helps you build good relationship with your leads

5. By providing more value and building a good relationship with your leads, you improve your brands credibility and earn their trust that leads to higher conversions in sales on what you have to offer.

Take note that an offer is not always the product that you are selling. An offer can sometimes be a way on how you structure a deal with your leads. You can do that by giving a twist or over delivering what you have to offer.

some examples could be:

  • Offering a once in a lifetime discount on a t-shirt you are selling
  • You can give your leads exclusive coupon codes to get your products in half the price
  • offer a bonus e-book if the customer decides to purchase your product within the next 2 weeks
  • the ideas on how to structure your offers are unlimited.

6. The last part is where you actually make those sales and make money. :-)

How To Make Money Online (The Re-cap)

To Make Money Online, you are going to need two components.

  1. The Leads
  2. Your Offers

the same formula is true and used by almost all kinds of businesses (Online or Offline)

For example, if you are running a grocery store, you need prospective customers (leads) to come inside their shop to checkout what you have to offer (which are grocery items)

on the other hand, without offers, the grocery store won’t survive. (obviously)

to make money online, you need to have leads and offers.

The more leads you get, the more “interested people” will see your offer. the more interested people see your offers, the more likely you’ll make a sale.

How To Make More Money Online (something you should focus on)

Focus on this little formula, get it into your head to make more money online.

More Content + More Offers = More Money $$$

The more content you provide via your blog, youtube, facebook or any place on the internet is going to provide you with more traffic that will eventually give you more leads to capture.

The more leads you get, the more money you can potentially make.

The more value you provide your leads, the more likely they would buy your offers

And by presenting more offers either by selling more products or offering your products in different ways is going to result in *you* making more money online.

Take note of the word *more* ;-)

How To Make Money Online (Again and over again)

I’m sorry i have to repeat this again. :-D

please bear with me here, I just like to inject it on your head. (like a micro chip or something)

here it goes again:

Lead + Offers = Money

To make more money, you should provide

More content, more value and more offers

Take note of the word “more” ;-)

And that’s about it on our little article on how to make money online. I hope you learned something from this. if you have any questions, reactions please leave it on the comment form below. thanks and I’m hoping to see you on my blog more! ;)


  1. Making money has never been easy since. But now because of the video I will apply the information I got into putting up a business as well as making my own money.

  2. Nice Idea!

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. very useful!

  4. Nice article. I would add just this:

    Unique targeted traffic (Leads) + High quality products (Offers) + Quality communication with your list = Money $$$

  5. There are many ways to make money online.

    Not all the ways are worth your effort for the money.

  6. nice tutorial kuya thanks for the video

  7. Just one think is missig you:
    With your formula “More Content + More Offers = More Money $$$” you have to be little bit specific. It is fail to promote many products on one place. It should be like:
    – – – More Content + More Offers on Different Places = More Money $$$ – – – –
    It is way how to show people – – “Hey, I’m just guy like you. You can believe me!” – –

    nice blog anyway :P

  8. I have visited this post last week and I regret I only decided to read it now! This is very helpful post for me! More content + more value + more value = more money! wow! I have just started my newest blog which I can say am really serious in achieving my goal now! To make money online!

  9. Hi you have given great tips. You have written such a great post, it’s really so interesting. You are a great blogger.. I’m glad I was able to find my answer here. Thanks!

  10. I think you can make money from blogging; not easy but there is money nonetheless. I have seen bloggers who have only 1 blog making millions of dollars while some of having more than 1 blogs earning too less.

  11. Another way top make money online is to build a following or audience.

    Then find out what their problems are.

    Where is their pain?

    Then fix it!

  12. Bro, how do you capture leads? I can’t find your opt-in form. I want in :)

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