How to Make a Video Go Viral

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Once you “release” your video, you have 48 hours to make it go viral. After 48 hours, you switch from the daily to the weekly top videos. Therefore, to make your video go viral, you will have to invest some time immediately. Do this, though, and you will definitely see results.

Start with Great Content

Create two minutes of funny or shocking video feed. Before you press record, try your material out on some trusted friends or coworkers. If your friends can be relied on to be honest and you make them laugh, then you have good content. Another form of content includes informative content, for example, a video on how to design brochures. If you can teach someone something about brochures that they didn’t know before and make them want to know it, then you have good content.

Make a Quality Video

You don’t have to have expensive equipment, but you should take care when recording. Find some good light and a place where the sound will be recorded well. Also, use a tripod so the picture is not shaky. If you are using props, like a brochure for instance, make sure it is well lighted as well.

Give It an Interesting Title

Many of your viewers will watch your video only if the title grabs them. Use a short and catchy title that describes what you will be doing in the video. An example would be “Brochures Gone Wild” or “Creating Brochures That Can Talk.”

Use Social Networking to Share Your Video

Embed your video and post it on Facebook and Myspace. Twitter all your friends with the link. You can also send everyone on your social networking sites an invitation to the “grand opening” of your video in a few hours. Basically, make the video available to all of your social networking friends.

Get Your Video Posted on Relevant Blogs

Seek out blogs that write about the material related to your video. Let them know who you are and what your video is about. Many times, you can get them to post your embedded video.

Start New Forum Threads with Embedded Video

Open a new thread on as many forums as you can. It is time consuming but will result in many viewings. Embed your video in the thread and begin the conversation about the hottest new video on YouTube.

Comment On and Tag Your Video

Once you have your video in all of these locations, you can go back and draw more attention to it. Comment on your video on Facebook and other social networking sites. Use tags in order to grab the attention of search bots.

Work quickly and invest as much time as you have. These steps will make your video viral if your content is worthy of a viral video.

About the Author: Anna Cruz writes about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design and desktop publishing. Anna works for, an online printing company that offers brochures, posters, postcards, business cards and more printed marketing media.


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