How to Install WordPress blogging platform

This is the 4th step on the coaching lessons on how to start a blog and make money series.

after Changing the nameservers at it’s now time to install wordpress software on your domain. to do this, we must Login to your Cpanel account.

  1. to access your cpanel account just login to “
  2. then enter your username and password. (it was sent to your email)

after logging in, scroll down to the “Fantastico icon” and click it.

Fantastico icon (wordpress)

After that, just tick on the box that says “wordpress”


Then you’ll see this screen where you need to enter the details of your blog and create a username and password etc. (Blogs are best set up on the homepage of your domain so leave the ‘directory’ blank):


then click on “install wordpress”

by this time you should now see your site up and running. but wait..

the theme of the site is not what you expected. that’s because that’s wordpress’ default theme. it’s the theme that’s automatically installed and provided to you by wordpress.

anyways, to install a new theme for our website, we are going to need an FTP sofware for it. Which we’ll talk about how to use one on our next lesson…

and that’s it for now, Stay tuned for more “Start a blog and make money” lessons.


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