1. That is extremely sneaky, and I think that it ruins the whole reputation factor of ebay.

  2. Wow….great mind u have being able to come up with that method. Very creative.

  3. Webricher says:


    remember, if you are using 100% Feedback, Cat Picture For Sale!,

    It will possible to break the rules of Feedback Manipulate policy,

    It is my experience, but just share with you all.

  4. That’s exactly what happened to me.. LOL.. you can get away with it as long as you limit your self on doing it..

    but now that I had written a post about this, ebay Would soon discover this “evil technique” and eventually it will no longer work anymore…

  5. new2this says:

    hey thanks for the technique, but can you show us how to change the ip address. thanks

  6. 5_yr_experience says:

    OUTDATED…. It will not function… ebay comes back after you even months after you stopped selling feedback. Putting the word feedback in the description is THE WORST thing you can do. They even made a “nice” script for it to catch it and it lets you know you are doing bad things while you post the ad. how cool is that?

    If you want to really make it work you have to blend in and no.. you cannot just post the thing and leave it there the longer it sits the more heat it will get. changing the item number once a week is very important. plus offers of 0.01 do not function because of ebay errors most of the time, and nobody will want to buy it for $1.

    Here is what you do if you DONT want to keep making accounts every 2 days sell something real, anything
    example: get a random picture of a buddy, a marker, sign the picture. then sell it as authograph made by a “local rockstar” :).
    make it a bid, and start it at 1c with free postage. Then if you really want it done properly, find someone that sells feedback, go into their feedback profile and see who bought from them. contact each buyer that you think bought feedback say something like: “pls take a look at my item you might be interested in it”
    eventually, you will get a bunch of bidders, at the end someone will win. go send second chance offers to everyone else and you will get some nice sales.

    Whatever you do, DONT put the word feedback in the description. or do it, and you’ll probably be my next customer for a nice set of paypal+ebay account :) cause yours will be suspended… and no, if they give you second chances on VERO, customer dissatisfaction, and other offences they ban you directly and irreversible when you sell feedback. add all the feedback sellers to your fav list go back in 30 days, see how many are still standing

  7. :S Ermmm….I’m a little confused LOL.
    WHAT DID YOU MEAN BY it? Sorry Didn’t really get it :S


  9. The true best thing to do is just make a small investment. Buy some real items: is an ebay store that sells small items. Then list some real items as mentioned above. It is a bit slower but will work and along the way yu’ll learn how to actually sell and make some money too :u)

  10. Is this process completely ethical?

  11. Could anybody help me to get some good feedbacks? Here are my listings: Thank you very much!

  12. not so good..

  13. Synthetic Vinyl says:

    Or…….you could just buy some things you like and then sell some things you don’t need and miraculously, over time, you will build up a good feedback score.

    *face palm*

  14. paul1kenobi says:

    um can u do one soon cause i have a negitave one i know fail and i cant find any others and its really anoying that i cant buy certain things and i cant sell up to an amount and blah blah thx


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