Create your own “.com” “.net” Website (10 Steps)

UPDATE: february 9, 2010. Dont use Hostazar anymore as I do not recomend them anymore because their service simply sucks. Go with Hostgator instead.. anyways, I had written a more detailed tutorial on creating a profitable blog website it also has coaching videos so just check it out instead of this post.. :)

having a “.com” or “.net” website is  important when it comes to blogging and making money online.  sure, we all know we can make/register for a Free one on Blogger or wordpress but what will happen is that it’s going to turn out to be a subdomain like for example, it’s going to be instead of

having your own domain name makes your blog look more professional. while it may not make you a pro-blogger,  the advertisers will take you a lot more seriously. some ad networks don’t accept sites unless it has it’s own domain name.

“it’s better to get the domain name at the start than down the road. the last thing you want to do is build a blog on blogspot, get a ton of backlinks, pagerank, alexa and technorati rankings and then have to move it to it’s own domain and start over.”~john chow

here are the steps on how to create your .com , .net or whatever blog:

First, Download a Good looking wordpress theme. You can find many of them for free online (search google).. but if you want you can buy one at wpremix, I think they Make one for you as well (I’m not sure). my Friend jess from micromedia designs who also helped me on setting up this theme also create websites. You can visit his site by clicking this link. or, if you like my theme, you can download it by clicking Here 100% free.

2nd, now that you have your theme, it’s time to register a domain and hosting. I currently use and recommend hostazar for domain and hosting for the reason it’s very User-friendly and it has good support and the pricing is very cheap. (like I said, it’s next to nothing).  if you have at least 14 dollars you can already register for one.

you are going to need a Paypal account to pay for it btw, if you still don’t have a paypal account yet. click here to register for one. (it’s free) or, if you have a credit/debit card, You may pay for it directly with your card.

step 1:

click the “order now $3.95 link” (starter plan)

step 2:

select your domain name, for example : elie-palima”.com” or “.net”

be careful of choosing your name, cause you will be stuck with that name for like “forever” if you are really serious about blogging or creating your site. (just a piece of advice).

step 3:

if your selected domain is available, click on that box next to the the green “available order now” and then click to continue.

step 4:
make sure you selected the starter plan. (you don’t want to over pay) and click add to cart.

then click on checkout and go to the secure payment pages..
step 5:

within the next hour or more, (10 minutes in my experience) you’ll receive an email with your log-in details (if you haven’t seen it after 1 hour check your spam folder. sometimes it is mistakenly sent over there). in my case, the email was titled “new account information”

step 6:

after receiving that email, you’ll need to login  at ( and enter your login details as requested there. (the log-in details can be seen on the email hostazar gave you entitled “new account information”).

step 7:

after logging in, scroll down to the “Fantastico icon” and click it.

step 8 select “word press”

Then you’ll see this screen where you need to enter the details of your blog and create a username and password etc. (Blogs are best set up on the homepage of your domain so leave the ‘directory’ blank):

then click on “install wordpress”

by this time you should see your site up and running. but wait, yeah.. the theme of the site is not what you expected. that’s because that’s wordpress’ default theme. it’s automatically installed/provided by wordpress after signing up.

To install the theme you want, you need to ‘upload’ it to your domain.

step 9:

you’re going to need an FTP client installed on your computer to do this. I recommend using Core FTP for this as it is very reliable, virus free and doesen’t cost a penny. click this link to download core FTP.

after downloading core FTP, open it and enter the rest of your account details (see picture below):

the account details can be seen thru your email the one sent to you by hostazar. I’m telling you this cause I had trouble figuring this out before. :D

after entering your details, click connect then upload the template that you want to use to ‘/public_html/wp_content/themes.

after succesfully uploading, now it’s time to change your theme.

step 10:

go to ( and log-in.

after logging in go to, ‘appearance>>themes>> and select the theme that you uploaded. by clicking on it, it will be automatically activated and you have now successfully changed to a new theme. Congratulations. ;)


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  10. My first visit to your blog. it is excellent. It is exciting and packed with useful information.

    I participated, not too long ago, in a discussion on about the unfortunate meltdown of Hostazar. My blog and all the data went with it and I was never able to recover anything. Consequently, I have had to rebuild my site from the beginning and recreate about half of the 40 posts that I had already made. You are quite right to advise people to stay away from Hostazar.

    previously, I advertised Rob Benwell’s “Blogging to the Bank,” also but I discovered that he was the owner of Hostazar and auctioned off his hosting company to the highest bidder with no thought about contacting the 4000+ clients using Hostazar.

    In any case, you have done a fantastic job of putting together a useful blog and it appears that you have effectively monetized it in every possible way. I can learn a lot by studying your presentations. Great job.


  11. Wow this is quite a helpful tutorial for a newbie startup blogger. Great article Elie :D

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