How to hide affiliate links easy and 100% free

Let’s make this one quick, if you’re using a wordpress blog then you’re in for a treat. cause I’ll be showing you the easiest method to hide (cloak) affiliate links that is done with a handy dandy plugin.

What is an affiliate link and why should I cloak it:

an affiliate link is the most important link an affiliate marketer should have. websites like clickbank, ejunkie, amazon, paydotcom are some of the most popular websites that offer these links. you need these links in order for you to get paid. more info about affiliate marketing.

the only problem about these affiliate links are, well.. they look like shit! here’s how they look like:

sometimes and mostlikely, like this:

now, if you have a little experience or a bit of knowledge about the affiliate marketing scene, then I guess you already realize, These kind of links Barely make a sale or a click even. and that’s the reason why you should Cloak that link. the great news here is that there is a great plugin for cloaking this, and the best thing about it is that it’s for free, looks professional and even used by many popular blogs out there. I’m talking about the Go codes plugin for wordpress.

instead of you’re affiliate link looking like this: when you install go code it will look something like this:

how to use go code

first, download Go code plugin and install it to your website. if you don’t know how this is done you can refer to it’s installation guide.

after activating gocode plugin on your admin page, go to your gocodes menu under ‘tools’ and you will be taken to this page:

and you’ll be able to figure this one out I guess! ;)

however, there are more methods on how to cloak affiliate links, I reccomend you reading john chow’s post about how to hide affiliate links for more ways of doing this. Good luck!

edit: november 21, 2009 if you haven’t figured out how to use the go code, then refer to this article by themepremium. he wrote a great tutorial about this.

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