How I made $200 on ebay easily

before we begin, I just like to say that there are many ways to Make Money on ebay easily. one of my favorite way is arbitrage. and we’re going to cover them on this blog soon.

this is a Follow up on my last post on how to get ebay feedback fast. if you haven’t increased your ebay feedback yet, by atleast 100-200 feedbacks, I’d recommend you reading my post on how to get ebay feedback *Fast*. since it plays a major role on how I made $200 on ebay.

anyways, after Building your account, it’s now time to make easy money on ebay.

What was I selling?

I was selling info Products. nothing to do with an ebook, nothing to do with arbitrage, nothing to do with co-loading, nothing to do with a software, nothing to do with someone else’s product. :)

to give you a more clearer view, I was selling “coupon codes”, “Discounts”, “bargains” Stuffs that usually gives people discounts. and it’s pretty Shocking how People Actually buy these stuffs… and the best part about it is that I can always get those discounts for free by searching on google and going to bargain sites.

For example, I know a discount or a coupon for a new Macbook pro for sale at a website that I know, which can be on amazon or any store online that sells Macbook pro That just costs $800 when usually a macbook costs about $1,000 each.

overall, the buyer will save $200+ for it. I will then post a listing about it on ebay. and sell it for $9.99-$14.95 each. then usually many people will see my listing and they’d be interested and buy it from me. I do Not need to worry about shipping since I’ll just be sending the “URL” of the discount website to their respective email addresses. ;)

however, Some people can be stupid. That they would actually think that I was selling the macbook pro or a 31” LCD for $14! lols. then they would complain and will ask for a refund. That’s why it’s also important to include it in your description that you are “not selling the product but only the info on where to get the discount”

What I did Summary:

  1. Take action
  2. build my account / Get ebay feedback fast
  3. look for good deals (I listed below on where to find ones)
  4. List the good deal on ebay and sell it
  5. wait and Make Money

Discounts and coupon sites:

if you want to Copy what I did, here are list of websites that I used as resources on where I got those discounts:

There are many more, you can just search it on google “bargain sites” “deal sites” “coupon codes” etc..

Although these sites are very popular and got some great deals not everyone knows them. So we will use them in order to make money! ;)

you must also take note and be sure when you are selling these deals, make sure that the deal is available in all country since some deals are only available in for example uk or any countries. and take note also about when is the deal is going to end.

some tips:

  1. once you sell an item, mark it as “shipped”
  2. if you didn’t receive a payment, in order to avoid the fees
    eBay will charge you, you must open a dispute against the
    Buyer. It is a drop down menu where you can choose to open a
    dispute for unpaid items
  3. You only leave feedback once you get one. Look them up before
    you leave them! If they gave you a negative feedback reply to
    that feedback and let the rest people know that they didn’t read
    the description and that’s why they left you a negative feedback

tips and some more tips about buyers:

as I said before there are stupid buyers who will actually think that you were selling the 31inch LCD tv for $14 and would ask for a chargeback here’s how you can handle such situations.

What I do is, depending on the situation and the way he reacts. For example, If the buyer would tell me Kindly in a nice way to refund his money back and that he miss-read the description. I would usually give him his money back.

if the buyer though threatens me, and open a dispute to ebay and leave me a negative feedback, I would just let him go… (this would leave me with a negative feedback though) since he was wrong and he didn’t read the description, I would most likely win the dispute. so it will just be stupid of him to go ask ebay for help. :D

anyways, that’s how I made $200 on ebay.

Update March 26, 2010:  I forgot to mention that I added these Important parts/ phrases on my ebay description:

Always add these in your description if you are following this ebay trick

“unless being told otherwise, I will deliver the product via email not thru mail” (this is for ebay)

when you sold a digital product such as these “info-products” we make,

ebay occasionally contacts you and asks you about it, and when they say something about a “digital good” just tell them that the buyer decided to receive the item through email and not through mail

since mail costs money and time aswell, Buyers usually goes to email delivery.. ;)

Special thanks to john bullard of for helping me remind myself on what this post had been missing.


  1. This sounds great but how will this work with ebays new policy that now states you have to give them a physical product no more downloads? I would like to add another great way to make money on ebay and amazon is to hit the clearance aisles at your local Target,Walmart,Ross,Ect, and you will find some gems you can resell at great profit margins. One of my deals I found for 10.00 I sold on amzon for over 149.00 I have been find deals to sell this way for over 5yrs. and sold over 9,000 dollars over this past xmas season

    • Hi john, I got the answer for your question now…

      I forgot to add this on my post.

      the trick is to include on your item’s description and make it very clear for the buyer:

      “Unless told otherwise, I will ship the item thru email, not thru mail.”

      (this will usually be the choice of buyers since Email shipping is FREE and doesn’t take time to receive)

      ebay then will contact me (seller) about a virtual good and what will basically happen is you’ll just simply tell them that the buyer chose to get the product delivered thru email and not thru mail since it’s FREE and not time consuming.

      and that’s basically it.. ;)

  2. Webricher says:

    I am not sure how to write the description, can you guide me?

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  4. @elen

    sure, no prob…

  5. okay, I found a coupon which I think will appeal to alot of people- Dell Laptop! BUT HOW TO WRITE THE DESCRIPTION!! (seems like a piece of cake but when coming down to writing it…..its like…OOOKAY What do I write??) LOL Can you please help?? :$

  6. Wow. I can’t believe people are actually buying coupon codes! :D

    I thought what you meant by “info-products” were “e-books” and all that.

    This is really helpful!



  7. what’s the best wording for the title of the listing ?


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