How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs

2 years ago when I was totally new to blogging, I was so desperate to learn the different ways that bloggers do to make money from their blogs. you know, the usual question ofhow do they do it?” is stuck in my head. it’s funny cause if you also find yourself  in this situation (where you just started blogging) or just one of those who is interested to learn how making money by blogging works, this is the first question you’ll ask

How Do Bloggers Make Money from Blogs?

Just like TV shows, Blogs are Form of Media that could make you 10 times more money than a regular business would. to prove these claims to you, Checkout the top money making blogs in the world and see how much money they’re making each month.

1. Private Advertising sales

Private advertising sales are probably the most obvious way blogs make money. the process is very simple. the blogger creates an Advertise here page, attract potential advertisers to buy an ad-spot, and make money per each ad-spot sold. the good news is that unlike ad networks like google adsense or affiliate programs, you get 100% commission by doing this.

of course, it’s all easier said than done. you’re going to need a high number of blog traffic (visitors) to get advertisers interested. not to mention, how targeted your visitors can be.

2. Ad Networks

there are over hundreds of ad networks out there that you can join in. most of them pays you through a CPA (cost per action) basis. like google adsense for example, you get paid each time a visitors clicks on a google ad installed on your site.

besides google adsense, some of the most popular ad networks are:

  • Reviewme
  • Text Link Ads
  • info links

you can Checkout my recommended money makers page to learn more about the programs I mentioned.

3. Product sales

when you blog, you’re actually building up credibility and maybe a bunch of loyal followers as well. this opens up a wide-range of opportunity especially for a blogger.

once you’ve built up that credibility and reader’s trust, you can then create your own product and actually make a profit out of your followers by selling it to them.

making money out of your blog readers “might” sound evil, but when you finally get yourself in this situation, you’ll realize that having your own product to sell is one of the best steps that you’ve made for your blog.

  • your readers won’t mind buying stuffs from you because they believe in your product. (you can even ask them to join your affiliate program!)
  • you’ll have the chance to promote your brand and position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • you’ll make money.

so basically, All I’m trying to point out here is – you’ve got nothing to lose.

How to Create a product and make money

The easiest way is to write an ebook and sell it. it cost nothing and you can easily make one with the help of open office dot org software. in terms of the selling part, a WordPress plugin like OIO publisher can help you to automate the buying process and maybe handle your product’s affiliate program as well.

besides writing an ebook, The most common products are

  • blog themes
  • membership sites – usually a forum or a place where people get a “premium members only” access.
  • wordpress plugins – blogging tools that makes life easy

to give you a good idea on how bloggers make money through products, here are some examples of bloggers who makes money through product creation, the type of product they are selling and a link to their product:

  1. Carl ocab – Ultimate blogging theme (blog theme)
  2. Problogger – Problogger Community (membership site)
  3. Michael Dunlop – Pop up Domination (wordpress plugin)

just like blogging, Creating an awesome product is easy but the more challenging part is how you’ll market them.

4. Affiliate Sales

affiliate Programs has been one of the most popular way to make money online – for a good reason. it costs nothing and the process is very simple.

  1. you look for a product to promote (make sure it has an affiliate program)
  2. Join their affiliate program and  Promote the product as an affiliate
  3. Make a commission per each sale you refer

bloggers like John Chow Makes $30,000 per month through affiliates sales alone. My blog wouldn’t had made its $100 mile stone if I haven’t joined any affiliate programs.

the trick to get affiliate sales (from your blog) is to promote only the products that you believe in and had personally tested yourself. that way, you’ll not only be confident to recommend it to your readers but you could also write an honest review about it.

The most popular site to look for an affiliate product  is on clickbank dot com. on clickbank, you have over 10,000 products to choose from. they act as the “middle man” who’s in charge of making sure that you get paid on time.

of course, the best products are not on clickbank alone. there are sites out there like Aweber, OIOpublisher and Neobux for example, who has a self hosted affiliate program built in their own site. so as you can see, there are lots of opportunity in affiliate marketing. I’m not surprised that a lot of Bloggers profit from it every month.

5. Donations

this may not sound like the best way to make money but it sure is one of the way bloggers make some extra money. Just like the offline world, Solicitations had also become popular online all thanks to Paypal. as you surf the net, you will come across different blogs with a “donate button” installed.

There was this news article I’ve once  read on Yahoo a year ago about people who made a living and got filthy rich just by asking for online donations. (too bad I can’t find it anymore.) but the point here is – There’s good money on donations. I mean, just think about it.

What if…

  1. Bill gates or Steve Jobs got inspired just by reading one of your blog post
  2. They Found out that the information written on your post could make them $50 Billion dollars
  3. they saw that you were asking for a “Beer”

Will They Buy you a beer???YES! (I mean, it’s $50,000,000,000. Why wouldn’t they?) =D

update: here’s how to create a paypal donate button

6. Merchandising

whenever I think about merchandise, The first blogger that comes to my mind is Shoemoney and the shoemoney t-shirts he’s selling directly from his blog. not only he makes money from the shirts he sell, he’s also promoting his brand while doing it. – Genius! :-)

if you’re planning to get into merchandising as one of your blog’s income source, Cafepress is a good place I find online that creates cool customized products like t-shirts, home decors, accessories, etc…

7. Services

There are blogs out there like shout me loud for example who offers services on their blogs and make income out of it.

services like article writing, search engine optimization, logo creation are some of the most popular services offered by bloggers today. there are some people out there like the guys on and for example hires freelancer and pays them $20 just by creating a Social media account. not only that these jobs are easy to do but the pay is good too.

if you have a ‘special skill’ that you can sell on the internet, you can do that inside your blog.

8. Selling Your Blog

or ‘blog flipping’ is another good way to make money from your blog. when you blog, it’s not only the monthly income that rocks but when you finally decided to Quit and sell your blog, you can make a huge amount of money! like 22 year old Johns Wu for example who sold his blog for $15 million dollars.

Do note that making money from a blog is not rocket science. making money from it is fairly easy to do and there are lots of way to do it. The most challenging part is how you’ll market it – that’s where the real money is.


  1. I have been testing various ways to monetize my blog, but I’m still kind of searching for the one method that will really help me boost my income. I want to keep my readers and my traffic, but I also want to earn more money from blogging. I tested text link ads a while ago, and it ended up hurting my search engine ranking (and traffic), but I was earning close to $500 a month from it. I stopped using it, because it was hurting my blog.

    Now, all I’m doing is related to affiliate marketing, and recommending products I am currently using. It works, but I should probably look at creating my own products (and sell them) and direct advertising on my blog.

    What works best for you?

    • hello jens. thanks for your comment.

      I’m Currently on the “experimentation mode” but I find affiliate marketing is the one That gives my blog the most income. so I have to say Recommending products I’m personally using works best for me.

      btw I would love to see you create your own product! :-)

      • I would love to create my own product, but I’m still thinking about what it should be. It will probably be an eBook, but I’m not sure about the topic. And since the deadline for my novel is February 1st, I’ll probably wait until March before I start creating something… but I’ll be thinking about the topic before then :)


  2. I too was into “blog experiment” mode from SEO to blog monetization. Thanks for the tips anyway.

  3. i manage to earn money from private ads and service. I try to make money with affiliate program. But it seems really hard. I need to worker harder if i want to earn more.

  4. cikgufaezah says:

    donation? Wahh, i never thought this way..

  5. Blogging is a real challenge and you won’t see constant stream of income until you establish trust and gain influence from both search engines and users. When search engines trust you, they’ll reward you with higher ranking than competitor websites. And when people trust you, they’ll buy from you.

  6. Thanks for the tips! It’s really helpful! :) Keep it up!


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