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this is the second step on our coaching videos on how to start a blog and make money. The first coaching video I thought you how to register a domain name. if haven’t Read / watch / Don’t know how to do it yet, I’d recommend watching / reading it first before continuing through the rest of this tutorial. The Video about hosting your domain is below. but first let’s discuss a little introduction about the topic.

like buying a domain, you should also consider the “quality service” a hosting provider gives. before buying one ask your self these question.

How’s is their support? do they have a “instant live chat” or are they even available by phone whenever I have technical or billing issues?

Are their feedbacks good? are they for real? do they deliver their service as promised?

I’m telling you these because I myself had a “problem”  with a hosting provider myself, and I don’t like this happening to you. this blog was first hosted by “hostazar”. and I’m in the position to say that Their hosting sucks. and I got disappointed to Rob Benwel a so called “blogging guru” best known for his ebook “blogging to the bank” who is always recommending hostazar’s services. ( I think he owns that site)

anyways, I found this website who said news about hostazar’s crappy service. read the comments too.! :)

I’d tell you more about hostazar’s service but for now let’s just focus on getting hosting from a RELIABLE host.

And The Qualities you should be looking for are the hosting by Hostgator. they keep their words, provide THE BEST customer support and Host websites Professionally for a very affordable price. (1 cent for your first month) and I thought how to host your domain with hostgator on the video below. Enjoy!

Mentioned on the video:

  • how to Host a domain with hostgator
  • paying with paypal
  • The Coupon code “wordpress”

the next video will be Changing the Nameservers on godaddy.


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