What to do when your Guest Post Links Disappear?

This is a guest post submitted by Noah Mark Rodolfo.

If you are an Internet marketer, you probably tried to guest post on other blogs to accumulate inbound links to your site. This strategy is called guest posting and it is one of the best method to increase your search engine popularity.

The rules are simple, find the best blog to guest write on, compose a compelling article, submit your article to the site owner and wait for publication approval. Once your article is accepted, it will be published as a guest post on that particular blog. A published article of course has your author bio which includes a backlink to your site. That’s how a normal guest post marketing works.

But what if your author bio and your backlinks suddenly disappear after a few weeks of publication? All your hardwork are put into waste. I have been doing guest posting for a couple of years now and I always experienced this type of issue. Why some bloggers tends to behave this way? What are the options that you can do to persuade the blog owner to reinsert your author bio and your links? Based on my experiences, I will give you some ways that could possibly help you on reinstating your guest post links.

Ways to acquire your links back to your guest post page

First off, there are different cases why blog owners tends to remove links from their guest post databse. This includes spamming activities, the blog was sold to a new owner, or the blog owner is simply unprofessional. If you know that you are correctly following all the guest post guidelines set by the blog owner, then there is no reason for your links to be removed.

So what are your options? The first thing that you can do is to contact the site owner and ask to reinstate your author bio and your links. Make sure to be polite with your message even though you are totally annoyed. Remember that you are still at the end of the stick and you have no control about the situation. A professional and respectful approach are crucial factors that can help convince the blog owner to consider your request.

Your second option is to login with the blog’s WordPress dashboard. Most blogs that are built on WordPress platform allows their guest authors to have their own guest writer accounts. If the blog that removed your links offers this option, it is better to check your WordPress dashboard first especially your profile area where your author bio information can be found. Check if the information is intact and then save your work. Refresh your guest article page and see if your author bio and links are back.

Usually, this trick will solve your problem. However, any modifications you did on your WordPress dashboard can be tracked by the site admin so your links will again be in jeopardy. Once the owner removed your links again, then it’s time to contact the blogger and ask for some explanation.

After you contact the blog owner, there is a high probability of a reply since you are considered a “blog partner”. This is your chance to have a constant communication with the site owner until he reinstates your author bio.

But this will not always be the case. Some bloggers won’t answer your email queries for days or weeks. Don’t be discourage and don’t lose hope. What you can do is to send another follow up email because your first message probably ended up in the spam folder and your message wasn’t received.

If the blog owner still never replied to your work, try to leave a comment on one of his posts to get some immediate attention. This way, the blog owner won’t have any excuses that your request wasn’t received.

These practical ways will help you to have your author bio and links back to your guest article. If the blog owner is totally ignoring you after all these methods, then ask for article withdrawal. There is no point in contributing an article to a blog site without even a simple attribution to the author. The blogger will most likely give in to your request and will delete your article. After that, you are free to submit your article to other blogs that accepts guest post.

In summary, guest posting is a very important aspect of Internet marketing. Make sure that you monitor all your published articles on other blogs to keep an eye on your back links which can protect your article investments. Remember that the best way that you can acquire back your links is through proper communications.

About Noah Mark Rodolfo
an online business entrepreneur and a blogger. He works on different market such as weight loss products, food recipes, health and the competitive world of make money online niche. To learn more about Noah, visit his website at Home Based Business.

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