Guerilla Blogging… Have you Heard of it???

This one is going to be short. Are you a Guerilla blogger??? have you ever heard of Guerilla Blogging???

if you haven’t heard about Guerilla blogging before, Then I *highly* recommend you to Checkout and implement what I’m about to show you right now.

Guerilla blogging is a Method More commonly used by Filipino bloggers. and I’m proud to say, most of them who uses this simple blogging technique had became quite successful. The “main” Idea behind Guerilla blogging is to Find HITLOD keywords (High traffic – low density keywords) and blog about it.

and although finding HITLOD keywords is “the main” point of Guerilla Blogging, There are still dozens of stuffs to learn from it. I won’t talk about it now because I want you to check it out for yourself! =D

The Main Blog Marketing tip here:

GUERILLA BLOG! and Be a Guerilla Blogger RIGHT NOW! Click here to download the ebook.”

Yeah!!! hoorah!!! =D

Guerilla blogging “the book” btw, is written by my fellow “pinoy” kababayan bloggers. Marghil macuha and Ziegfried diaz. who are also known as, “guerilla bloggers” themselves. if you don’t know them yet, then you are living under a rock. just to make their introduction short, They are one of the most highly Respected bloggers here in the Philippines.

“This post is my Second entry to melvinblog’s best blog marketing tip contest. If you want to checkout my First entry, click here.”


  1. Comments anyone??? LOL.

    anyways, the Guerilla blogging book has played a Major part of my blogging career. I hope every blogger Tries out to blog using…

    the Guerilla style! yey! woooo! yeah!! =D

  2. Guerilla Blogging?

    I really don’t quite get the whole point of it yet. :D

    Anyway, I really want to clear it out. Is it all about using SIMPLE words with SIMPLE meaning for the visitors to learn more about it or am I really lost here…?

    I’m not really good at reading blogs or ebooks (not that I can’t read! I’m an Educated Filipino child for Pete’s sake!)

    But anyway, I can’t understand the whole thing.
    Kindly explain it to me.

    Jaja Masorong
    Kid-Blogging “Artist”

    • Guerilla blogging is a Brilliant strategy and tactic to make money blogging. like I stated above, the ‘main’ idea behind it is to find HITLOD keywords and blog about it.. another thing I like about the strategy is that you don’t need a certain blog niche to start guerilla blogging.

      Filipino bloggers Marghil macuha and ziegfried diaz came up with term last 2008. if you want a full explanation regarding Guerilla blogging, then you must read Chapter 1 of the Guerilla blogging e-book.

      What’s the point of becoming interested if you’re not going to check it out yourself right?

    • to give you some examples, here are bloggers who guerilla blog:

      They generate a decent ammount of traffic and make money from their sites everyday by Guerilla blogging. :-)

      • I get it now. I read the blog over and over again and finally got the hang of it.

        Very helpful blog. By the way, Macucha is ranking 3-4 in Google “Make Money Online”.

        Probably because of that strategy she implements.

        Thanks a lot for sharing, Elie.

        More success to you and to your blog.

  3. here are some more:

    they both are pinoys

  4. I am also a guerilla blogger… =D… very nice.. and powerful book to have.. I really love it..


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