Mr Zero: My Google PR Totally Dropped To Zero

About a Few days ago, I recently noticed my Google Pagerank drop from PR3 to PR1. however, today when I checked the toolbar I got from SEO book, (really useful SEO toolbar)

I found out my google PageRank dropped to 0. And what I felt is, well… I can’t explain what I felt after. :D

My Site had a google PR3 for more than 2 straight years. And I was really used to seeing a ‘green bar’ on my tool bar every time I visit my website. Seeing the PR toolbar in pure white; gave me mixed emotions.

Officially Back As Mr Zero

After having a job online I left this blog inactive for many months and that lead to ZERO productivity for this blog. now that my employer has no task for me to work on, I got ZERO job.

Zero job means zero earnings as a freelancer and because I left my blog for many months without new content, I am left with ZERO readers

and now, finally, I have

Zero Page Rank!

The process is complete. I am officially back to zero – straight from where I started.

On the bright site, it kinda ‘feels’ good as well because now, I kinda feel like Steve jobs. (in my dreams) ahahahaha…

Besides that, I’ve learned many lessons along the way and I am more motivated than ever to manage my online business especially, this little website that has my Big name on it. :-)

back to page rank drop, there are factors that affects PageRank Drops. if you want to find What these factors are then there is no better person to ask other than Google Engineer, Matt Cutts. in the short video below, he talked about different factors that affects PR drops.

Matt Cutts On Google PR Drops

According to Matt, PR is updated 3-4 times a year. He also have a message to webmasters not to get obsessed with the green bar thingy. (where I am ALMOST at the point of being; ‘obsessed’. lol) =D

The Main Causes of PageRank Drops:

  1. You lost a links from a webpage(s) that has a high PR
  2. You got canonicalization issues with your domain (how to set the preffered domain + a proper way of setting the cannonical urls of the site can be found on my wordpress seo tips)
  3. you were selling links that passed PR. if you were, you can simply remove those links on your site and simply send a reconsideration request on google (do a google search to find the reconsideration request page)

Judging from the points above, #1 could be the most obvious reason for me #3 is also a good candidate as well cause before, I used to run ‘textlinkads‘ Ads’ on this site. however, I said goodbye to it before my pagerank dropped. (I am just not sure if that counts)

anyway, do not rely on PR too much; they are just numbers! if you are still ranking on the SERPS, there is nothing to worry about other than providing quality content on your site and maintaining good SEO practices. but if you feel you’ve done something wrong to google, you can simply send a reconsideration request.

anyway, back to me being the “Zero Man” would I be able to get over this? well, that’s an interesting episode to look after. :D one thing is for sure though; I got a lot of work to do. :-)


  1. Update: my pr is back to one again. weird…. 0_0

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