Google Over Optimization Penalty: (My Thoughts and How To Avoid It!)

If you’re into  internet marketing, you had probably heard of all these recent talks about google over optimization penalties, de-indexing link networks, search engines focusing more on social signals and all those hooplas. This stuff gets serious especially if you’re an SEO guy.

first, I would like to give my thoughts about Over optimization.

There’s certainly no such thing as “over optimization” in fact, if you listen to the recent interview with matt cutts, (where all this talk has began) he just couldn’t think of a word to describe it, so he just went with “over optimization”.

Optimization certainly is not a bad thing and Search Engines has nothing against it. in fact, they highly encourage it. Your main keywords inside the <title>, <h1> tags are some examples of good search engine optimization.

HOWEVER, What search engines do not like is spamming. And this is what you should totally avoid.

Spam image on Google Over Optimization

There are many ways to spam search engines. it could be an on-site and off-site factor.

on-site for example, you can create a crappy page with a keyword density of 60% or plaster your title tags with repeating keywords: certainly, this is a big SEO no no.

off-site for example, you probably joined a link network and started building backlinks using them. (which is probably working for you right now but it might not in the long run.)


Search engines are becoming super smarter now than ever before. (especially Google)

Check your Google analytics and webmaster tools account. if you know how to use it, then you probably seen this by now.

Google Has “almost” all activity data that’s happening inside our site

if you check, you’ll see

  1. they are tracking Social media activities happening inside our website now
  2. they know if we got a new content published
  3. they know if there’s a new back link to our website
  4. They even have this new feature that “verifies” content authorship on a website
  5. it’s also rumored that, google’s been crawling links that are sent through email
  6. on the interview, Matt even talked about website design and publication dates. so, if your content and website design looks like it is from the 1980’s, there’s a chance that Search engines won’t put too much attention to it. (if you are running a blog, I suggest you update some of your top posts publish them as a new article. this way, the content would look fresh to search engines)

back to the topic…

Obviously, it’s possible for them to use all these data to add up in their Algorithm in determining on how to rank your website.

if you are a member of link networks, there’s a big chance that you’ll just be wasting your money.

Overtime, Google will eventually find out about these network and de-index it. which basically means, you’ll be losing all the backlinks you build and lose your rankings.

A good example of a network that google shut down is build my rank. is a popular blog network used by many Search engine marketers. Until the recent Google update ran them out of business completely. you can read their official announcement below:

because of all these changes, I can say that guest posting, original article submissions and waiting for the links to come naturally are still the best way to build backlinks to your site.

it’s a daunting task and certainly takes time, but you have to remember that, whatever you’re doing to improve, no matter how small, would still be effective in the long run.

if you do at least 1 guest posting a week for example, that would be 4 backlinks a month or 40 links a year – From real established / related websites – without paying a monthly fee.

“Search Engines Follow People”

if you are able to build an awesome site that people loves, search engine will naturally follow it. which is what exactly you should do to avoid penalties.

  1. make an awesome website that people love
  2. avoid spamming
  3. take advantage of social media

when you are able to get the proper mind set / website with these qualities, There is no doubt that it will dominate the SERPS no matter how many updates Google does.


  1. Google has been very busy these last couple weeks with 2 Panda refreshes within 8 days of each other and of the the ‘over-optimization’ algorithm update Penguin. Still waiting to see how it all shakes out, I hope your pages haven’t been negatively affected, you have been a great resource for me in the past

    • hey brandone, thanks for the comment! Some of my affiliate sites got affected with the updates. Thankfully, this little blog with my name on it did not.

  2. Hello Ellie,

    Good thing that this site has maintained its position… I also have a site that disappeared to oblivion but my main site did not. I think it is all about not spamming the web that much and building quality content.

  3. Unfortunately, the updates are not one-size-fits-all. Crappy contents can still outrank quality ones today. Google tells us what we should do, but the truth is still in the pudding – they have not done a good job in this department.

    A blogger published not just one, but two posts about it. I can post the links here if you want.

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