Goodbye text link ads! I’m going to miss you :-(

Today I decided to permanently Remove TLA and their Plugin after finding out that Google Penalizes websites who sells Links. I had known this rule for quite sometime now but I never really cared too much about it. The only thing that’s on my mind when I was selling text link ads is the fact that:

Textlink ads is the one who is selling the links – NOT ME.

with this belief, and The Fact that it’s one of the reasons why my site is making money, I kept on accepting links for my site for almost 5 months now. My site wouldn’t have made it’s $120 milestone if it wasn’t for TLA. that’s why I couldn’t help but get disappointed. :-(

they say that those who are Playing with google is Playing with fire and those who plays with fire… could get burned. and I just can’t imagine my site without google’s traffic and there is NO WAY that I could Trade that Traffic for $20. and that’s Why I decided to permanently say goodbye to text link ads. especially now that My site is still on the google search results.

but don’t get me wrong here – I am still in full support of Text link ads. I will still Recommend their service for those who are looking to make money from their blogs but of course, a “nofollow” tag will always be intact.

I couldn’t say that 100% of TLA publishers gets Penalized by google. I still see sites out there who are STILL getting away with it. you could say that they “just got lucky” but one thing’s for sure – if you’re planning to monetize your site with Text link ads, be EXTREMELY careful and think twice before doing it.


  1. really? that’s so sad! so where are you going to earn the money?

    • there are literally Dozens of ways to make money by blogging. I should be able to discover one that best suits me so I guess I’ll see for myself. :-)

      What I really should focus on right now is to generate more targeted traffic coming from google itself.

  2. that sounds hard

  3. I was earning apx. $400 from text link ads about a year ago, then I discovered that my PageRank was at 0 (it used to be 3), and my traffic dropped. I also decided to remove it, and lose the money.

    • wow jens. your TLA earnings are awesome! I wish I could have made that much before I quit the program. lol

      anyways, I guess That alone simply proves that Search engine traffic is worth way more than four hundred dollars.

      • To me, traffic is everything (well, building relationships is also everything). When I discovered that my blog was at PR 0, and losing traffic, I just couldn’t keep using the service no matter how much money I was earning. I’ve lost a lot of money this way, but in the long run I believe it was the right decision.

  4. I’m trying out now. I saw it on this anonymous blog while I was searching Google for some materials for my school project (weird that I bumped to it!). I also saw a review about it on Carl’s site (Carl Ocab).

    It sounds so similar to Text-Link-Ads (TLA) so I’m kind of worried that MN may get me in trouble even if I earn money from it.

    What do you think, Elie? It also sells the links for its users.

    By the way, I heard that TLA is back on track again so I decided (a couple of weeks before) to sign up using your affiliate link. :-)

    God bless,

    • you can sell links on your site as long as you use a rel=’nofollow’ tag. I’ve never heard about before but I checked the site today. it looks like a very promising site and the way they explained that google cannot detect their link is ‘sort of’ convincing –

      but Google Updates its algo from time to time and These paid links may get caught soon. Still, I know many sites out there who still keeps selling links on their site but never did get penalized. so, it’s still your decision if you want to use their service. but be very careful.

  5. that is a bad news. i think there are better ways to come.

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